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  1. Bodybuilding_Video

    How do I activate and Isolate my Hamstrings?

    Hamstrings, like any other muscle, must be exercised and pushed in order to expand. You may target the back of the legs with the correct workouts (both with and without equipment) to enhance functional fitness, avoid injuries, and have more balanced and stronger legs overall. The hamstrings are...
  2. Nick Walker Feed

    Nick Walker with an insane hamstring workout!

    Nick shares another insane hamstring workout that would be a great addition to any routine that splits quad dominant and hamstring dominant type workouts. He provides reasoning and tips for why and how he performance each movement. Thank you so much for watching! Enjoy!
  3. tim290280

    Bench Pressing Your Way to Great Hamstrings

    Bench Pressing Your Way to Great Hamstrings Article By Charles Staley, B.Sc, MSS Gyms across the world are full of dedicated, hard-working trainees searching for physique improvement. Unfortunately, many trainees are make the classic but unfortunate mistake of ignoring proper exercise form...