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heart disease

  1. Tiger Fitness

    Does Saturated Fat cause heart disease and clogged arteries?

    Does Saturated Fat cause heart disease and clogged arteries? Not everyone thinks so! There is a widespread belief that saturated fat can cause heart disease and clogged arteries. However, the evidence for this is not clear-cut and there is ongoing debate among scientists and health experts...
  2. Tiger Fitness

    Heart Health in Bodybuilding

    According to recent research including over 86,000 people, exercising in the morning is related with the lowest risk of heart disease and stroke. Individuals who were most active at 8 a.m. or 10 a.m. had 11 percent and 16 percent reduced odds of incident coronary artery disease, respectively...
  3. Tiger Fitness

    Natural Statin Alternatives to stop heart disease!

    Since their debut in the 1980s,m. They provide considerable protection against heart attacks and strokes and are safe and well tolerated by the great majority of patients. Despite the focus on statins and their side effects, substantial and well-conducted studies have revealed that only a tiny...
  4. Bodybuilding News

    Heart disease patients benefit from high intensity training

    High-intensity exercise has been demonstrated to be protective against coronary heart disease (CHD) and is widely recognized as a popular and time-saving method of getting fit. But what about folks who have already been diagnosed with heart disease? Previously, these individuals were advised to...
  5. Bodybuilding News

    Heart disease patients with positive attitudes likely to exercise, live longer

    Heart disease patients with positive attitudes are more likely to exercise and live longer, according to new research in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. Researchers used a questionnaire to assess the moods of 600 ischemic heart disease...