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  1. Natzo

    IFBB World Championship - Baku AZR

    PHOTOS FROM THE WEIGH IN Russian Chernetsky
  2. Ironslave

    Random dude pranks Championship soccer team

    This is priceless :49: 3lob3HfT-CM
  3. J

    European Championship weigh-in pics

    http://www.ifbb.com/page_report.php?id=52 and here webcast from serbia http://www.ifbblive.tv/ In mens series there are BB and CBB(classicbodybuilding)
  4. Natzo

    Gary Strydom WBF Championship

    LOL:rofl3::rofl3: this is actually funny! CxOzjkhEZ80
  5. Z

    Aleksei Lesukov at Junior and Masters IFBB World Championship 2008(28/11)

    The finals take place today, so there will be more photos.
  6. tkD

    Lewis Hamilton Wins The 2008 F1 Championship

    booy what a season..actually the last race in Brazil (Interlagos) was insanely crazy, the title being disputed in the last 2 corners!! amazing but in the same time pure luck for Lewis. Congrats for being the youngest driver (23 years old) in the F1 history to win the title :xyxthumbs...
  7. COACH


  8. philosopher

    Johnnie Jackson is going to compete at National Powerlifting championship

    From his website "I will competing at the United States Powerlifting Federation National Championships June 28-29, in Warwick Rhode Island at the Airport Sheraton. I'll be entering the 275lb weight class and attempting a 600lb bench press and a 900lb deadlift. I will will be doing the Europa...
  9. Chesticles

    Florida Championship Wrestling Said To Be A Mess

    WWE's developmental league Florida Championship Wrestling is still loaded with problems to say the least. Some people are calling it the new "Deep South," which isn't a good thing as it's being compared to WWE's former developmental system Deep South Wrestling. Last year, WWE officials pulled...
  10. frezzy

    Ghosting Championship

    Ghosting 2.0 e9MiyktdLQk
  11. COACH