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  1. TalkAdmin

    10 time Mr. universe, Sazali Samad bodybuilding Profile

    Datuk Sazali Abdul Sama was born in Datuk Sazali Abdul Sama on 08/10/1967. He is a Police Sun Inspector and has 3 sons and a daughter. Sazali started training sazali is Jahafar Tun Abdul Rahim, Mohd Salim Mat Salleh and Buda Anchah in 2007 for the SEO games in Korat. Sazali Samad has had am...
  2. El Freako

    The World's Simplest Training Template

    by Jim Wendler (*Nothing particularly new here if you've read the 5/3/1 manual but its extra food for thought regarding training efficiency - El Freako.) Jim Wendler is an accomplished powerlifter who was schooled, beaten up and bloodied, and "graduated with honors" from...
  3. El Freako

    Pat Mendes - 207kg Snatch (Unofficial Jr World Record)

    Holy shit biscuits! I squat that, he puts it over his head! Plus bonus vid of awesomeness. :icon_eek:
  4. El Freako

    4.62xBW Squat at 2010 IPF World Championships

  5. Natzo

    IFBB World Championship - Baku AZR

    PHOTOS FROM THE WEIGH IN Russian Chernetsky
  6. Natzo

    Benedikt Magnusson new world record RAW deadlift

    during a full 3 lift raw meet he pulled 974lbs He Squated 380kg(836#), Benched 220kg(484#), and deadlifted 442.5kg(974#) Andy Bolton was there too and deadlifted 445kg but with a suit on. deadlift Bench Squat Andy Bolton
  7. P

    Whats going on in the world today?

    Nothing interesting happening in the world anymore? Is global warming still a threat? Is hope and change still going on in America? Whats the low down?
  8. P

    Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread

    Welcome to the: "Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread". Sorry for re-making but it is Football... Make your pick who will win the biggest sporting event in the world? (Poll top ten based on current FIFA rankings, and yes the FIFA rankings are a bit of a joke). I know Maradona is a nut...
  9. Pickle

    Soccer World Cup 2010

    Hey lads, Discuss I dont follow premier league or any soccer really but the world cup is the world cup! !!!! excited. Australias last warm up game before the actual cup is tonight against the USA which we should win since america treats soccer like we treat NFL lol. Hope Australia does...
  10. tkD

    2010 World's Strongest Bodybuilder Challenge - News

    JACKSON WON'T BE 2010 WORLD'S STRONGEST BODYBUILDER New champ to be crowned at 2010 World's Strongest Bodybuilder Challenge May 14, 2010 FLEXONLINE.COM It’s official: the second annual World’s Strongest Bodybuilder Challenge will crown a new champion. WSBBC 2009 winner Johnnie Jackson has...
  11. MrChewiebitums

    Jordanian woman body-builder takes on world of prejudice

    Gallery of her - Jordanian female body-builder Farah Malhass takes on world of prejudice AMMAN (AFP) – Her highly muscled body is smothered in tattoos, she is constantly criticised by her fellow Jordanians and she suffers deep inner torment. No matter what it takes, however, 26-year-old...
  12. Daniel Andersson

    Swedes know their shit - first in the world

    Newsfeed Volvo XC60: 2009 NY Auto Show Reactions
  13. fdelval

    China as new world leader?

    What do you guys thinks of China's situation as far as surpassing the US as a world super power, and becoming world's leader? I just want to hear what you guys have to think about it. will this new situation favour the world?
  14. Serafin

    World Juniors & MAsters , Fitness,Wheelchair BB - Poland

    For more pics go to: http://www.kfd.pl/mistrzostwa-swiata-w-kulturystyce-i-fitness-juniorzy-i-weterani-bialystok-2009-73497.html
  15. FlexFan

    IFBB World Championships Doha,Qatar 2009 results+pics

    You can find all the pics from all categories here: http://www.musculardevelopment.pl/galeria-zdjec Here are the results and some pics: 60 kg: 1. Kyeong Mo PARK 2. Anwar EL AMAWY 3. Adam CIBUĽA 4. Pinigey ODUM 65 kg: 1. Mohamed NASR 2. Prasanna IHALA 3. Joung In SONG 4. Denis...
  16. Tech

    Most badass animal in the world

    the coolest part is at the end. c81bcjyfn6U
  17. dilatedmuscle

    Bodybuilding Myths from the outside world

    Someone was looking at my sketchbook last week and saw a couple of bodybuilder drawings in class she another girl saw them and really like them but then she said " Do you know what sux about bodybuilding?... Your skin doesnt shrink after your really big like that and then you get smaller but...
  18. MrChewiebitums

    The Worst Gym in the world!

    Lo and behold the wrost gym on the planet.. possibly the universe is PLANET FITNESS "Fun Facts! We give away 35000 free t-shirts every month! Have you seen PF's famous candy jars filled with purple and traditional Tootsie Rolls?? We go through over 750,000 each month! On Pizza Nights (the...
  19. FuManChu

    The secret world beneath Sin City

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8239319.stm I like this kinda shit. In my spare time, me and some mates go and check out abandoned buildings and stuff.
  20. tkD

    Stan Efferding new world record: 2221 lbs total at 275 lbs!

    Stan Efferding is a professional bodybuilder who competes in Powerlifting and is a product of Mark Bell's Team Supertraining located in California, USA. In May 2011, Stan Efferding competed in the SPF Powerlifting Meet and set two New Raw World Records: Highest Raw Total and Highest Raw Squat...