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  1. TalkAdmin

    10 time Mr. universe, Sazali Samad bodybuilding Profile

    Datuk Sazali Abdul Sama was born in Datuk Sazali Abdul Sama on 08/10/1967. He is a Police Sun Inspector and has 3 sons and a daughter. Sazali started training sazali is Jahafar Tun Abdul Rahim, Mohd Salim Mat Salleh and Buda Anchah in 2007 for the SEO games in Korat. Sazali Samad has had am...
  2. El Freako

    The World's Simplest Training Template

    by Jim Wendler (*Nothing particularly new here if you've read the 5/3/1 manual but its extra food for thought regarding training efficiency - El Freako.) Jim Wendler is an accomplished powerlifter who was schooled, beaten up and bloodied, and "graduated with honors" from...
  3. El Freako

    Pat Mendes - 207kg Snatch (Unofficial Jr World Record)

    Holy shit biscuits! I squat that, he puts it over his head! Plus bonus vid of awesomeness. :icon_eek:
  4. El Freako

    4.62xBW Squat at 2010 IPF World Championships

  5. Natzo

    IFBB World Championship - Baku AZR

    PHOTOS FROM THE WEIGH IN Russian Chernetsky
  6. Natzo

    Benedikt Magnusson new world record RAW deadlift

    during a full 3 lift raw meet he pulled 974lbs He Squated 380kg(836#), Benched 220kg(484#), and deadlifted 442.5kg(974#) Andy Bolton was there too and deadlifted 445kg but with a suit on. deadlift Bench Squat Andy Bolton
  7. P

    Whats going on in the world today?

    Nothing interesting happening in the world anymore? Is global warming still a threat? Is hope and change still going on in America? Whats the low down?
  8. Daniel Andersson

    Swedes know their shit - first in the world

    Newsfeed Volvo XC60: 2009 NY Auto Show Reactions
  9. Serafin

    World Juniors & MAsters , Fitness,Wheelchair BB - Poland

    For more pics go to: http://www.kfd.pl/mistrzostwa-swiata-w-kulturystyce-i-fitness-juniorzy-i-weterani-bialystok-2009-73497.html
  10. dilatedmuscle

    Bodybuilding Myths from the outside world

    Someone was looking at my sketchbook last week and saw a couple of bodybuilder drawings in class she another girl saw them and really like them but then she said " Do you know what sux about bodybuilding?... Your skin doesnt shrink after your really big like that and then you get smaller but...
  11. FuManChu

    The secret world beneath Sin City

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8239319.stm I like this kinda shit. In my spare time, me and some mates go and check out abandoned buildings and stuff.
  12. MrChewiebitums

    World's Strongest Bodybuilder Contest at Mr. Olympia Expo

    JACKSON VS WHITE: DUEL IN THE DESERT Johnnie Jackson and Ben White put their strength claims on the line on Olympia Weekend July 14, 2009 by Dave Lee FLEXONLINE Don't look for Johnnie Jackson and Ben White to "friend" each other on Facebook anytime soon. Ever since White won the 2007 USA super...
  13. Snow White

    Ott Kiivikas 2 weeks out from World Games

  14. Big VIC

    World's tallest dog loses leg to cancer

  15. PrinceVegeta

    NAC World Championships 2009 in The Hague,Netherlands

    Here is a link with lots of pics, better then loading only some, the overall guy has a lot of potential http://www.giantpt.com/fotoalbums/NACWK2009/index.html
  16. akita

    Mihaly Kormany NAC World Championships Overall Winner

    Hope its not a repost....Look at those legs!!!INSANE!!:headbang:
  17. P

    Porn star blows world record bid

  18. P

    World's deadliest spider found in the UK

    God....damn....it :bitenails: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1052712/Worlds-deadliest-spider-discovered-Britain-inside-box-Tesco-bananas.html Good thing I have this guy on speed dial incase my house got invaded by spiders. :borat:
  19. Natzo


    PRO WORLD CUP POSTPONED UNTIL 2010 Joe Weider's Pro World Cup Postponed Until 2010 March 11, 2010 FLEXONLINE.COM On Wednesday, American Media, Inc. (AMI) and the IFBB Professional League announced the debut of Joe Weider's Pro World Cup in Berlin, Germany will be postponed until 2010. "Since...
  20. pegasus

    Unsold Cars Around the World

    http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2009/02/unsold-cars-around-the-world/ http://moneynews.newsmax.com/streettalk/toyota_boat_charter/2009/02/25/185458.html