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ifbb pro card

  1. KaiGold

    Congratulations to Helena's Mary Eva Simmons for getting her pro card!

    Helena's Simmons earns IFBB pro bodybuilding card Photo By Dan Ray By CURT SYNNESS 406mtsports.com After years of hard work, preparation and training, Mary Eva Simmons has earned her International Federation of Body Building professional card. Competing in the Women's Physique Division at...
  2. Svartberg

    Lack of pecs - delts taking over?

    Hey guys This has been a problem for me for the entire time i've been bodybuilding. I have really small pecs. Yeah. Nothing works on them, volume, density, drop sets, intensity, various rep ranges and whatever. Now I've had this theory the last couple of weeks, that it might be my delts and...
  3. tkD

    Silvio Samuel - Killer pecs

    a Muscle & Fitness magazine scans.
  4. COACH


    more MD digital pics .. enjoy :-))
  5. X

    Torn Pecs

    Whats the blackness on the guys body? Is it blood clotting:weaksuace:
  6. U

    Uneven Pecs

    So all my other body parts are making progress as they should, however my chest seems to be lagging and a bit uneven (right is smaller then left). Does anyone else have this problem? What do you think i can do do even out and pop out my chest more? I have been doing only db movements to try and...