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ifbb pro league

  1. M

    Prednisone - Cortisone (25mg tabs)

    A mate of mine gave these to me as he didn't want them. 30 x 25mg tablets. They are Prednisone (cortisone) tabs. I'm just wondering if i take this what can i get from it? I'm looking for massive water retention, can this aid in that ? What does it do ? I'm currently on a test/deca cycle..
  2. M

    Eutroxsig Thryoxing Tabs While On Cycle ??

    Hey i'm on a cycle of test enanthate and boldenone. 600mg test pw 400mg bold pw I was given these thyroxine tablets called Eutroxsig. They are 100 micrograms per pill. I was told to take half of a tablet per day. My mate said they would help me eat more. I don't suffer from hypo or...
  3. joemamma5

    Mass Tabs

    Mass Tabs were recently taken off the market. Anyone know of anything that will yield comparable results?