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india steroids

  1. KaiGold

    6 quacks arrested in Gurgaon after search operations; used syringes, steroids seized

    What is a quack? Story by Yashaswani Sehrawat Hindustan Times A team of health officials and CID go through the documents of a clinic it searched on Tuesday. (Top) all medicines, steroids and antibiotics at these clinics were seized.(Sanjeev Verma/HT PHOTO) 6 quacks arrested in Gurgaon...
  2. Big VIC

    Buy American Pot: A Special Message From the AMGA, Dedicated to Keeping Pot Illegal..

    s39VUAJE8-A We all know that a lot of people are harmed by prohibition, but who benefits? Strangely enough, some of the biggest beneficiaries are the bootleggers. Sure, they take a big risk, but black marketeers don't have to pay taxes, they're protected from foreign competition, and they...
  3. tkD

    Sean Allan 11 days out from North American Championships

    285 lbs
  4. R

    Canadian Health Care vs American

    This one is for you Ironslave, we have had many discussions on this in the past. This one brings some really interesting points that challenge your opinions, however I am not sure from where the stats in the article came so take them with a grain of salt. The Denver Post published an...
  5. sexnews


    Las Vegas, Nev. (USA) – The Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization and American Media, Inc (AMI), today announced a partnership to publish a special UFC 100 commemorative edition magazine that will be available at newsstands across North America and in some international markets...
  6. Beau

    All American EFX Pro?

    Has anyone tried this or the original version and did you like it? I can get it here pretty cheap right now...on sale for $29.99
  7. Ironslave

    US Veteran furious American flag flying lower than Mexico's

    :bitenails: UQ6cCPbA8jo
  8. TJ

    Thomas M. Tamm - American Hero.

    I really don't like the way the article is worded but this guy is a hero. It's nice to know there are some people in government positions that are still willing to stand up for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He revealed Bush's warrentless wiretapping. http://www.newsweek.com/id/174601
  9. Flex

    If every American saw this, there'd be a revolution

  10. Flex

    Ahmadinejad: 'American Empire' is near its end

    (CNN) -- In a blistering speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blamed "a few bullying powers" for creating the world's problems and said the "American empire in the world is reaching the end of its road." And while he insisted Iran's nuclear...
  11. Member70353

    2008 IFBB North American Championships (info & competitor list)

    August 29/30, 2008 Cleveland, Ohio FRIDAY PREJUDGING Meeting at 3:00 pm Competition at 4:00 pm Men Open, Men Over 40 and Men Over 50 SATURDAY PREJUDGING Meeting at 7:30 am Competition at 8:30 am Women Bodybuilding, Open Figure and Masters Figure 1-pc and 2-pc suits SATURDAY FINALS...
  12. Tonyk212000

    American Killed in China

    Father of former olympian Elisabeth Bachman was killed in China today. Here is the article. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/oly_china_american_killed
  13. Chesticles

    Audience Brawl Erupts At American Gladiators Tapings

    Source: TMZ.om
  14. lifterdead

    The End of Pax Americana and the Downfall of American Society

    Discuss. This topic has always interested me. As a child, I was influenced by my father, an architect and new urbanist, who deteted suburban sprawl and the like. As an undergrad, I studied history with an emphasis on the relationship between economy/environment. Consequently, I tend to...
  15. Pickle

    American president.

    Americans should not have the power to elect their own president. The power should lie with the other countries of the world. Discuss :tiphat:
  16. BigNasty99

    Ronnie on American Choppers!!!

    Big Ron will make a cameo appearance on american choppers on April 24 on TLC at 9:00 as the boys from the occ make a bsn bike
  17. P

    Tribute to British and American Troops

  18. Tech

    American soldier throws puppy off cliff

    I watched this video expecting it to be fake or something silly, but it appears to be 100% real. Heres the story http://federalism.typepad.com/crime_federalism/2008/03/david-motari-ab.html WARNING: Not for the faint of heart. 15Ctdlf15cU
  19. Daniel Andersson

    American Gladiators Auditions Rejects

    <object width="464" height="392"><param name="movie" value="http://embed.break.com/NDQ4NzQz"></param><embed src="http://embed.break.com/NDQ4NzQz" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="464" height="392"></embed></object><br><font size=1><a...
  20. P

    New American Gladiators! Rejected Auditions!