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  1. vera wu

    what do you guys think of making your own gear?

    do you think it is safer to use a fina, or buy the pellets and a kit and do it yourself.... Some guys say that you dont know how clean an companies product is but to inject something into yourself that you made in your kitchen concerns much, any input would be great. Actually in my opinion the...
  2. Hypocrisy86

    looking for this album

    http://www.adultswim.com/music/athfchristmas/index.html having a hard time looking for it for torrent.
  3. Z

    Mark Dugdale featured on a heavy metal album cover

    Mark was featured on the front of Back Breaker, the third album from The Showdown, a Christian heavy metal band from Tennessee. The band's myspace with the new album:http://www.myspace.com/theshowdown The original photo: Mark Dugdale is planning on competing again this year at both...
  4. tim290280

    Guns 'n' Roses Finally Release Album

    Well Dr Pepper is paying up as Guns 'n' Roses Chinese Democracy album is finally due for release on the 23rd Nov. This means that GnR have won the bet that the marketing guys at DrP put out that it wouldn't be released this year. So go to their website on the 23rd to get your free drink coupon...
  5. Robcardu

    My favorite Album Ever

  6. P

    Disturbed's New Album - "Indestructible"

    1. "Indestructible" – 4:38 2. "Inside the Fire" – 3:52 3. "Deceiver" – 3:49 4. "The Night" – 4:46 5. "Perfect Insanity" – 3:57 6. "Haunted" – 4:42 7. "Enough" – 4:20 8. "The Curse" – 3:25 9. "Torn" – 4:09 10. "Criminal" – 4:16 11. "Divide" – 3:36 12. "Façade" – 3:45 9k5A2fhANw0 Sounds alot...
  7. Braaq

    Serj Tankian New Album!

    It came out on Tues, anyone else get it? Its an awesome album, havent listened to anything but since. What do yall think, better than SOAD? The same? Worse? -Braaq