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  1. M

    Insulin during prep

    Wanted to get opinions from OGs on this, always run insulin off season never really needed much as I get big fast buuuuut prep is coming and after a few years off stage I’m in the Supers and EVERYONE is running insulin, just wanted to hear thoughts, opinions, etc.
  2. M

    hell on earth

    Hey, whats up everybody. just a little bit of background info. I'm 15 years old weigh 120 lbs. and am 5 ft. 5. i bench 170 and squat 425, dead lift 205. i want to be +150 in 15 weeks. I'm currently taking American whey and eating like a horse. I train on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...
  3. Daniel Andersson

    Fuck Planet Earth

    Animals saying fuck