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  1. R

    How I got into bodybuilding

    I have been involved in heavy manual work at construction sites over the years and this has drastically improved my physique even without other exercises. Besides, I wall a lot and for long distances. I have also been exposed to situations that require one to have combat skills and bodybuilding...
  2. philosopher

    MTV made - I want to be a powerlifter with JOJ

  3. tkD

    JOJ, Branch Warren and Matt Kroczaleski - muscletech training video

    Brutal pZgQnBw9vTE
  4. dilatedmuscle

    Ben White and JOJ at the Tampa press conference

    talk about bickering http://www.rxmuscle.com/videos/c-interviews/594-pbw-tampa-pro-press-conference-johnnie-jackson-and-ben-white.html
  5. Branco

    Darrem Charles & JoJ yesterday

    Darrem Charles e JoJ Yesterday
  6. sexnews

    JOJ Offseason

    Don't think we have seen these two pics on here yet?
  7. tkD

    The Birth Of A Dream - Jay Cutler & JOJ

    scans are from june 08 issue of flex mag. Jay Cutler Johnny Jackson
  8. tp_88

    JoJ - 2 days out

    Looks a little smooth, just like I thought he would. Maybe he can dry out a bit though, let's hope so!
  9. Mr.Olympia 2008

    JOJ 2 Days out! HUGE BACK!

  10. weR4221

    JOJ 3 weeks OUT