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jassy chia

  1. KaiGold

    Bunbury bodybuilder Jassy Chia to star in upcoming Australian Ninja Warrior - Bunbury Mail

    By Kaylee Meerton, Bunbury’s latest television game show star has been revealed, with bodybuilding babe and fitness coach Jassy Chia about to take on the small screen. The local professional fitness model is featuring in a promotional video for Channel 9’s upcoming season of Australian Ninja...
  2. TalkAdmin

    Can bodybuilding Save Your Life?

    50 year old bodybuilder, David Prescott was diagnosed with liver cancer 4 years ago. He had tumors in his liver and intestines! He was in the hospital and lost 27 lbs and half his liver was removed! he also had 57 staples holding his body together. He said bodybuilding is what gave him the...
  3. Turkish1530

    David Turk 240lbs (Offseason Mini-Cut Pics)

    Hello Gentlemen, I finally decided to get some pictures taken- the quality is not the best because they were taken with my cell phone but they did the job.... Right now, I am currently in the midst of a mini-cut, I started right around 260lbs (sorry no pictures, I was very busy at the...
  4. Robcardu

    Gay David's and Goliath at the Olympia.

    I lol'd :keke:
  5. PrinceVegeta

    New David Henry DVD

  6. Turkish1530

    David Turk Offseason updates.

    Since I don't have an active log I figured I'd just make a thread......... I'm going to give a bunch of my lifts as of recent, my strength has been progressing very well! BB flat bench: 365 x 2-3 BB incline: 295 x 4 DB incline: 145's x 5 BB Rows: 405 x 4-5 BB DL (No straps and from the...
  7. tkD

    Dennis James vs David Henry - 2009 Tampa Pro

    DJ winner of the Open class, and D. Henry winner of the 202's. Who wins?
  8. tkD

    Dennis James, Fouad Abiad, Bill Wilmore, and David Henry - Tampa Pro press conference

    http://rxmuscle.com/videos/c-interviews/595-2009-pbw-tampa-pro-press-conference-dennis-james-fouad-abiad-bill-wilmore-and-david-henry.html Top 2 right there imo, DJ and Fouad.
  9. tkD

    David Henry new muscletech video: biceps and legs training

    Bodybuilder David Henry (now an IFBB pro) does preacher curls
  10. Line

    David Carradine Found Dead at 72

    Someone killed Bill. :tear: http://www.imdb.com/news/ni0817508/ http://boxoffice.com/thenews/2009/06/04/carradine-found-dead.php
  11. Turkish1530


    Hey everyone! I haven't been posting on MM recently, but I have been around checking everything out! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been fortunate enough to been offered a sponsorship deal from MUSCLETECH!!! Yes, it feels amazing and I am hoping that everything goes very...
  12. tkD

    David Henry vs Kevin English - NY Pro 2009

    D. Henry by a mile!!!! for me, but what's your opinion? i don't know Kevin's height, so some pics might be wrong scaled, my bad.
  13. tkD

    David Henry Interview with MD - NY Pro 2009

  14. Ironslave

    David Turk wins 2009 NPC Natural Ohio junior division, 2nd in LHW class

    Flex just texted me this! Congrats to David for this incredible win. (note, he is still set to compete in the light heavyweight open class....)
  15. Z

    David Turk at the Mr.SRU overall posedown

    Just found this video. Congrats once again David! you looked great :headbang: HX5wm5o3t0Q
  16. Daniel Andersson

    David Turk vs Israel Ocasio

    Got this by request. I tried to scale the pictures of Israel..couldn't get them 100% since I dont know how tall he is compared to David
  17. Flex

    David Turk - Countdown to Mr. SRU

    Before you get sand in your vagina Duality, this should be the last thread up till the show. A new one was necessary with all the flooding that took place in the other. His legs were looking flat the last couple of days, but it looks like they're starting to fill out already. We just took this...
  18. Turkish1530

    David Turk 5 days out!!!

    These pictures go out to bitch ass PiC, who said one week ago that Dave could be "MUCH LEANER." What people online don't realize is 99% of the pictures we take are immediately after waking up. No-pump, no carbs, no water. Most other people online refuse to take pictures without 1,000 push-ups...
  19. Flex

    David Turk (Natural Monster) 4 Weeks Out

    These pictures were taken after thirty minutes of HIIT, so he was obviously flat. On top of that, the flash takes away alot of detail. We didn't have the best lighting to work with.
  20. Turkish1530

    The Natural Monster 6 Weeks Out!!! (208lbs) David Turk