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jennie heath

  1. TalkAdmin

    Phil Heath's wife, Jennie Heath

    I want to use this thread to respectfully focus a little on Phil Heath's beautiful wife, Jennie Heath. Hopefully we can get some pictures and information on her here. She is an amazing woman and very beautiful. Jennie Heath is a Cosmetologist. Phil and Jennie married on 23 June, 2007 and Jennie...
  2. L

    Loaded - Log

    Hi, I am a 16 year old boy from Denmark. I've been doing bodybuilding for almost a year now (startet at christmas 2009), and i hope that i can continue many years yet. Lifting stats: Benchpress: 100kg. Squat: 120kg. Deadlift: 150kg. Body measurements: Arms: 41cm. Chest: 117cm. Quads...
  3. Storm

    Storm's lagging log

    So...let's see if I manage to keep a log for a while folks. A little background: I'm a hobbyist gym-goer, i've never competed on anything and don't plan to do it, i just enjoy lifting heavy ****. It's relaxing and keeps me out of a chair/couch/car. I'm 29, computer scientist/software engineer...
  4. KingDeadlift

    Kingdeadlift's Log of Awesome - Part 2

    Sunday, August 01, 2010 - Chest & Abs/Run and wind sprints Height 5'10, Body Weight 185lbs GOAL - Improved cardiovascular performance and reduced body weight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mid Afternoon Workout Incline Dumbbell Press - -...
  5. Glex

    Glex's Food Log

    I'm intensely proud of this monstrosity that I built. It's an Excel spreadsheet that outputs the following graphs if you enter the Fat/Carb/Protein content of your food in the right time slot. I found myself with a lot of time on my hands over the past few days here in the desert... Anyway...
  6. D

    G's Training log

    6/22/10 **G's TRAINING LOG** History: I'm currently 22 years old, about 5'7", 162lbs, and studying architectural engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia. I've been training consistently since about 18, and have loved it ever since. When i started, i weighed around 145lbs at the...
  7. HeavyWeight_86

    My Epistane Cycle Log

    Hi everybody fellas, I've come into possess of two boxes of Epistane, and after some research I decided to give it a try. I will try to give you updates as much as I can, anyway let's start from the beginning. N.B. Any advice and suggestion is welcome -EPISTANE CYCLE: .Cycle Lenght: 8 Weeks...
  8. J

    Jaspar's log - cut is on the way

    Aight, I figured it was about time I started a log for myself. I've been roaming the board for ages now, but haven't been an active user so to say, at least I haven't posted. My name is Jasper, twenty years old and currently residing in Denmark. I started training around August '08 and so far...
  9. Natzo

    Change Log name

    Can any mod or admin change the name of my log ( Natzo's log) to Natzo's "my mom thinks i'm too big" log. thanks in advance. my mom is freakin me out lately.. good name for the log tough...:bitelip:
  10. Napol3onator

    Will's Tren XXl log

    Well I bought this eithe dec 08 or january 09..took it for two weeks and i fell in love so i lost my appetite for a while lol..im not jk, so I stopped wasting the supp. It's Tren XXL 19 norandrosta, and it's a diene ..3, 17, i think that means alkylated lol..not good but oh well. So I'm just...
  11. bambam55

    bambam55's sponsored RECOMPADROL log

    Wow I can tell I havent gotten on here in a while looks a little different. Anyways I am doing a sponsored log for Lean Body Formulations product Recompadrol and was asked to post it here as well for exposure. here goes. This is actually my first supplement log. Hoping to get this thing...
  12. pingu

    Weak log

    Hey! Starting a training log then.. Im from norway, my weight is 115kg (going down), and my height is 186cm. Been training on and off for about 4 years now. Currently training after westside principles (started this week, been doing it before. ) Had a bad knee accident, so my squating is...
  13. JoaoT

    JoaoT "enough is never enough" log

    Ok let's start this: 5/3/1: Cycle 1 # Week 1 # MP Warmup MP 65% @ 5x36Kg 75% @ 5x42Kg 85% @ 10x48Kg Assistance exercises Dips ● 3x15 Bw ● 1x14 Bw ● 1x13 Bw Chin-Ups ● 1x10 Bw ● 1x9 Bw ● 1x7 Bw ● 2x6 Bw Stretch and home. In this cycle I think im going...
  14. MarkoKoo

    Lazy's 2010 log.

    Starting new log, later today some updates
  15. _ROBERTiNHO_

    Rob's Log

    Well, after 10 days drinking every day and not eating nothing decent I'm on my weakest (it was 1 week ago). My stats at the moment are: 1,68m / 68kg (lost 2 kg) / bf: 8% (the only thing that increased:shakefist: before I was very lean at 5%) My best lifts: Squat: 180kg Deadlift: 210kg Bench...
  16. Mike33

    Training Log!

    Here I will post my training and how it goes in this years plans to do my debut on stage. I'm 20 years old, will be 21 this november. My weight is about 79-80Kg and I'am 178-179cm! My goal now is to gain as much weight as possible until I will start my diet. I wants to compete in -80kg class...
  17. DanishBB

    Mass building the log of Danishbb !

    Wanted to make a log somewhere, thought this forum would be the best place to do it. Info: age: 18 Height : 180 cm weight : 100 kg years of training : 2,5 years Best lift : Bench press : 140 kgx4 squat : 150 kgx5 front squat : 110 kgx4 ez barbell curls : 70 kgx 6
  18. The Creator

    Creators Protodrol Cycle Log

    Just started my protodrol cycle today. Loaded up for a week on life support and 2 capsules 2x daily and I will continue to do this throughout the cycle. My roommate has been running it and it up 10 lbs in 3 weeks and looking noticeably leaner. I will be running it as follows..... Weeks 1-4...
  19. Fatality

    Fatality's Log

    Hey Mecca, long time no talk, no see, no nothing pretty much. However more I've been absent, I have been reading up and checking on you guys from time to time, just haven't posted at all in the past few months or a year haha. If you guys are wondering how I'm doing, I'm doing well, I'm 18 now...
  20. Conan The Babarian

    ##¤"" My Log ""¤##