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jennifer nicole lee

  1. Joe Pietaro

    Race to the Post Office for MPD/WPD Qualification, 50 Deep!

    According to a video posted by Christian Duque of Strength Addicts (who said that he received the info directly from the horse's mouth, in this case Jim Manion and Bob Lorimer), there is new criteria in place for the 2016 Arnold Classic in Ohio as it pertains to MPD and WPD. Instead of the...
  2. Joe Pietaro

    “Rigged” Contests, Assault, Extortion, Tax Fraud Lawsuit Filed Against Manion, NPC

    My magazine obtained the court documents and here's some of the details: http://www.musclesportmag.com/2015/11/07/rigged-contests-assault-extortion-tax-fraud-lawsuit-filed-against-manion-npc/
  3. underbody

    Miha Zupan

    Here you will find a lot info on the new pro IFBB bodybuilder Miha Zupan. Miha Zupane is a new pro IFBB obtained his pro card in Prague. He did his pro IFBB debut in Prague too. Miha competed in the 212 division at Evl's Prague Pro.
  4. Kayce

    2015 IFBB Vancouver Pro

    This is the MuscleMecca Official Coverage of the 2015 IFBB Vancouver Pro on July 25 and 26, 2015 in Vancouver, Canada! There will be guest appearances by Mr. Olympia winners Flex Lewis and Dana Linn Bailey! Shawn Ray will be EMCEE, MMA World Champion Randy Couture will be there and there will...
  5. Kayce

    IFBB 2015 Wings of Strength Chicago Pro

    The 2015 Wings Of Strength Pro! July 3 and 4 in Chicago, IL! Here is the 2015 IFBB Wings Of Strength Competitor List Score Cards! Men's Bodybuilding 212's 2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro - - - Updated - - - #Reserved
  6. MuscleMecca Crew

    2015 IFBB/NPC Show List and Schedule

    Hey Mecca, Here are some of the IFBB and NPC bodybuilding events coming up in 2015! March ----- Natural Western USA Championship March 20 - 21 Mesa, Arizona California Governors Cup March 20 - 21 Sheraton Grand Sacramento, Sacramento, CA CJ Classic / Sunshine Classic March 21...
  7. tkD

    2011 IFBB "FLEX" Pro show - 1st show of the 2011 bodybuilding season

    Prize money: $30,000
  8. jsfitnessking

    Jsfitnessking- Training with a IFBB PRO

    Hey guys and gals. Some people here know that i train at the same gym as IFBB pro Seth Feroce. Well we are both in the middle of an off season. I am actually gonna start a contest prep in about 3 weeks. I will be competing at the NPC Natural Ohio in April, and then another show about two weeks...
  9. Natzo

    IFBB 2011 calendar!

    Just look at that Masters comp. 200.000$ prize money! I've heard on Rx muscle that the promoter is trying to gather on stage for this show all the big names from the past that still can compete! I SMELL RONNIE DOING THIS.... I can think of Ronnie ; Samir Bannout ; Cormier ; Levrone maybe...
  10. Natzo

    IFBB World Championship - Baku AZR

    PHOTOS FROM THE WEIGH IN Russian Chernetsky
  11. The King Of Lurkers

    What IFBB pro would you like to look like?

    I saw a version of this thread on another forum, wanna try it here but with a better version witch all the top pros What IFBB pro would you like to look like? *Named if not on the list*
  12. COACH

    USN signs IFBB Pro Troy Alves!

    http://supplementgenius.com/consumer/2010/09/18/usn-signs-ifbb-pro-troy-alves/ South African supplement company Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN), has begun its move into the United States by adding IFBB pro Troy Alves to its list of athletes. Alves a former NUTREX RESEARCH athlete, is widely...
  13. tkD

    2010 IFBB Detroit 202 Pro Championships

    Info about the show: Competitors:
  14. Lionheart

    2010 IFBB Europe Pro Final Results!!

    1? Ronny Rockel 2? Dennis James 3? Paco Bautista 4? Piotrkowicz 5? Del Rio 6? Kefalianos 7? Grigory Atoyan (USA) 8? Charles Brown 9? Sergei Shelestov - Rusia 10? Manolis Karamanlis - Grecia from http://www.team-andro.com/
  15. Daniel Andersson

    IFBB Pro Ahmad Ahmad 4 weeks out from Mr Olympia 2010 -202

    There's some swedish talk in here...Ahmad basically talkes about how his prep has been, if he's going to do any photoshoots once in the states (He is doing some with flex) and his training. He weighs 198lbs with some clothes in this clip.
  16. pakiman

    Stupidity is not an exclusivity of IFBB

    WTF :icon_shrug:
  17. D

    IFBB Pro's - Why did they retire

    Simple thread is simple list the pro's who have retired and the reason why they did
  18. dilatedmuscle

    New IFBB Pro Vaughn Ettiene

    This guy just won the drug tested 2010 NPC Team Universe. This guy is freakishly wide, he has a great frame that should fit a ton of muscle in the future, except for his short torso. He's not as tall as he looks, he is shorter hen Dave Palumbo. Seem's like a cool guy in the interview, if he...
  19. tkD

    2010 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions - updates

    Europa Battle of Champions Place: Hartford, CONNECTICUT Date: July 23-25 Prize: 20,000$ + ring Qualifications of the O: 3 Official site Europa Battle of Champions
  20. MrChewiebitums

    No more Dreamtan in IFBB Contests

    http://www.ifbb.com/newsletter/detail.php?id=9487&date=2010-06-05&language=english&prov=index well i think it deserve a big bloody pat on the back... like i had arguing in the tanning thread, but some pple just waved me off as the usual idiot. What are your opinions?