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john cena

  1. Bodybuilding News

    All about John Cena

    John Cena is one of the world's most popular and respected American wrestlers. He is a TV presenter, rapper, and actor in addition to being a prominent WWE wrestler. He began his wrestling career in 1999 and has always had a penchant for bodybuilding. Throughout his WWE career, he has won...
  2. Bodybuilding News

    John Cena Lost 20 pounds working out With Jackie Chan!

    The Expendables 4 director Scott Waugh shot a big budget action movie starring popular stars John Cena and Jackie Chan back in 2018. The blockbuster adventure has been swept almost completely under the rug. In a recent chat with Esquire, the 44 year-old admitted that working with Chan ended up...
  3. Charlie

    John Cena on Saturday Night Live

    John Cena is love on Saturday night live right now on nbc!
  4. Jasmin Cottontail

    John Cena Got Fired.

    It's actually been a long time since I've watched WWE and I can say that I truly miss it. One of my favorite wrestler is John Cena. I only watched WWE because of him. When I tried watching it again, there are a lot of new wrestlers that I'm not familiar with and I was a bit shock to know that...
  5. tkD

    John and Matt Cena in the gym

    John And Matt Cena
  6. miamiracing

    miamiracings Log

    hey folks, i started my 3-split about a month ago.. here is my plan, log and stuff... Plan: Monday – Chest, Biceps, calves, stomach 4x12 dumbell benchpress 4*12 diagonally dumbell benchpress 4*12 dumbell pullovers 4*12 SZ Biceps Curls 3*12 Hammer Curls 3*15 standing calv-lifting 3*15...