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josh samman

  1. TalkAdmin

    RIP Josh Samman

    I found out last night that Josh Samman, UFC Middle Weight died of a drug overdose on October 5, 2016. He was in the hospital for about a week in a coma and brain dead for much of that time. Police found him on September 29 with a pulse but unconscious. Troy Kirkingburg was also found dead at...
  2. tkD

    Arnold Classic 1996 - Awards

    For me Flex was always > Levrone in shape, taper, proportions..etc, they both looked good at this contest, but imo Flex was better. more vids/routines from the 1996 Arnold:
  3. MrChewiebitums

    Mr Olympia 1996 (full video)

    vGvoe9PGBRM _0nqMZeE9Dk ter3q-LubTM OnywB5euyVA G9mEvycxsEg iHadJ5bxS_o v2rlE9IV88Y YwoKn9C_4vI tS9EZx20gls
  4. curtisymoo

    Kevin Levrone English Grand Prix 1996

  5. tkD

    Mr. Olympia 1996 vids

    Results 1. Dorian Yates 2. Shawn Ray 3. Kevin Levrone 4. Kenny (Flex) Wheeler 5. Paul Dillett 6. Ronnie Coleman 7. Chris Cormier 8. Jean-Pierre Fux 9. Charles Clairmonte 10. Michael Francois 11. Aaron Baker 12. Roland Cziurlok 13. Pavol Jablonicky Disqualified Nasser El Sonbaty...
  6. Natzo

    Nasser - BFTO 1996

  7. tkD

    1996 Ironman Pro review: vids & pics

    Part 1: routines of Roland Kickinger, David Alleyne, Michio Grubbs. Part 2: Claude Groulx, Paul Dillett. Part 3: Darrem Charles, Terry Mitsos, Shawn Ray. Part 4: Flex Wheeler, Andre Charette 3 more parts to come, stay tuned :xyxthumbs:
  8. tkD

    IFBB Grand Prix of Germany 1996

    1uK4RZLk_qA Levrone and Coleman are looking very good i hope more vids like this will be uploaded :2:
  9. P

    Dorian Yates BFTO 1996

    Battle for the Olympia 1996, starring Dorian Yates. He's training chest, delts and triceps in this video. Old school ftw! and here is his routine at that year's Mr Olympia. The 1996 Mr Olympia:
  10. FlexFan

    Paul Dillett 1996 Ironman

    :ughnoes: hDrJ8b6ZKqY
  11. P

    Dorian Yates Mr. Olympia 1996

  12. P

    Mr.Olympia 1996

  13. Adam23

    kevin levrone bfto 1996

    check out those shoulders !!! kevin is the man :xyxthumbs: part 1 <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie"...
  14. nigster

    Arnold Classic 1996

    Here's some pictures from AC 1996. TOP 6: 1. Kevin Levrone 2. Flex Wheeler 3. Paul Dillet 4. Vince Taylor 5. Shawn Ray 6. Andreas Munzer Gunther looks kinda funny. :keke: Here's more pictures.