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king kong barbie

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    31 Year Old Yeon-woo is King kong Barbie

    Check this beautiful Korean bodybuilding girl out! This is female bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast Yeon Woo from South Korea! Yeon woo has competed all over the world in female bodybuilding competitions and even won the Arnold Classic Europe Women’s Physique competition in 2013...
  2. saamies

    Derek Poundstone Trains Chest and Back. Final Training Session for 2010

  3. Natzo

    Dennis Wolf and Robert Burneika Back Workout

    Dennis Wolf - Back Workout
  4. Natzo

    ose Raymond Trains Back: 2 Weeks Out from the Sacramento Pro

  5. Natzo

    Storm back from the gym.

    LOl @Storm trying to be Hulk Hogan with the shirt... shame..lolol
  6. Daniel Andersson

    Conan is back

    I Guess this has been aired 4582437583485 times in the states already..but still funny. -D
  7. M

    MVSF1's Back (October 2010)

    Hi guys, I just took some pics of my back (yeah, only back) this afternoon and I want to share them with you. Please remember I have lordosis in my spine and also an scoliosis (dorso-lumbar). I'm 1.72 m (5'8'') and my weight was 82.2kg (180.94 pounds). Today is my rest day so I took pics...
  8. tkD

    Max Charles - trains Back at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym

    The guy with crazy claims is back! He's the one with 360 lbs+ preacher curls, 1-2 meals a day, and other insane lifts. In the new vid he claims: -deadlifts with 10 plates per side, and 2 more plates in the middle -same eating habits, 1-2 meals, has a shake every now and then -trains for hours...
  9. COACH

    Rumor: lenda is back?

    What does everyone think the possibility of a comeback to next years O would be? How great would that be with Iris going for her record and her defending it! Any opinions Guys?
  10. COACH

    Gunter is back!

    Massive Gunter Schlierkamp is back in heavy workout mode with his trainer Charles Glass in Gold`s Gym Venice and according to his Facebook page he is back up to 300 lbs...... That sure looks like serious comeback plans to us. Make sure to ask the charismatic German Superstar about it at the...
  11. Daniel Andersson

    Relieve back problems with back traction

    Hey I have been having some serious back problems the last 2 months, The physical therapist Im getting worked on by since Monday last week says that Im having a slipped disc "at best" but with my symptoms its more likely to be a herniated disc. (I haven't got it x-rayed yet) It hurts like...
  12. Levrone's Clone

    Kevin Levrone back on stage in 2011

  13. F

    Ronny Rockel back training eight weeks before the Mr. Olympia

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-OnGzyARmo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lkmiLWDzRY
  14. tkD

    Dennis Wolf - Back workout July 2010

  15. tkD

    Branch Warren - Back training 12 weeks out from the 2010 Mr.O

    The NPC Branch Warren Classic: Branch trains Back!
  16. dilatedmuscle

    Hayley McNeff Trains Back

    She has the ideal form on Pull Downs. Super Back Workout Fun Time!
  17. Natzo

    Robert Burneika Trains Back 7 Weeks Out from 2010 NPC USA

  18. shivsiddh

    Annoying sharp pain in my lower back :(

    I have been having this annoying sharp pain in my lower back every now and then. I went and got a x-ray done, it came out normal, doc gave me some painkillers didnt really tell what the pain was due to or anything. I tried deadlifting today w/o a belt after 3 weeks and boom not even half the...
  19. yair2210

    greatest back in bodybuilding history - Coleman

  20. Natzo

    Khatami/Ferguson - Back 04/27/10