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kratom bust

  1. KaiGold

    Kratom: Antidote or adversary?

    Interesting read on Kratom in Canada. Kratom, a coffee-like plant native to southeast Asia, is readily available in Canada. (Earth Kratom) Kratom: Antidote or adversary in Canada's opioid crisis? 'The evidence for or against it is just not there,' says kratom researcher By Wallis Snowdon...
  2. KaiGold

    Kratom, a controversial herbal product, seized from 2 Edmonton stores: Health Canada

    Kratom, a controversial herbal product, seized from 2 Edmonton stores: Health Canada By Phil Heidenreich Online journalist Global News Kratom, an unauthorized herbal product that Health Canada says has the potential to “pose serious health risks when swallowed or inhaled” has been seized...
  3. KaiGold

    Couple arrested in Koh Samui for alleged sale of kratom leaves

    May 26, 2017 11:38 By The Nation Police have arrested a couple in Koh Samui and seized 135 kilograms of kratom leaves from their rented room. Sale of kratom leaves is banned in Thailand. Acting on a tip-off, police arrested Nanthawut Pramyindee, 22, and Naowarat Saengsuwan, 38, at a rented...
  4. KaiGold

    Guess what, It is illegal to sell 5lbs of Kraton in TN

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — *Editor's Note: After being posted on Reddit and receiving several calls regarding Kratom, Fox 17 News is investigating the matter further. We are also adding the full news release from the Metro Nashville Police Department to the bottom of this story* Metro...
  5. Johnny5

    Crazy Muscle Cramp

    So I get back from the gym after hitting my quads pretty hard. I sat down and played some Xbox for an hour, and when I was done I stood up and both of my legs cramped up real hard at the same time. I couldn't move them at all. I dropped myself down to the couch and tried to relax for two minutes...
  6. F


    here it is fox am a man of my word and more vids to come...130 for 10 reps and 100 for 20 reps for each arm...now start bashing and complaining about my form LMMAO....i HEARD JOHNNIE JACKson is strong on these but I beat hes not as strong as this, peace out.... 130 pounds for 10 reps 100 for...
  7. cereal

    Crazy Fin's diary

    coming up at january.....be ready! some stats from me: 29 years old, I've been training weights for about three years now and it's been kinda on and off thing 'till now...only goals atm are to get more muscles and shoulder back to track so it isn't anymore about weight's but muscle. I'm volyme...
  8. FuManChu

    kid goes crazy over Modern Warfare 2

    mQpcO8x6NNY :rofl3:
  9. SerbMarko

    CRAZY video- I need your INPUT!!

    ok so this looks like a legit video.. but im having issues deciding on what really went on here.. I wont go into detail about the video just yet.. but please watch this video and give me your detailed explanation of what YOU think went on here.. I dont want to spoil it with words, so please...
  10. tkD

    Jay's flexonline blog - One crazy ride

    October 09, 2009 One Crazy Ride! Hey everybody, Thank's again for all the support throughout the entire Mr. Olympia Weekend. It is hard to believe it has come and gone. Just got back from Cali from several photo shoots and also sat in the audience of Dancing with the Stars to cheer on Chuck...
  11. smcfay

    Closing Game Crazy stores begin clearance sales this weekend [update]

    For all my gamers out here near a gamecrazy this will be good. Source ps3fanboy.com The 200+ Game Crazy stores expected to close by the end of October will begin a liquidation sale, starting this weekend. Locations expected to shutter have received boxes and a list of items that are to be...
  12. Robcardu

    Crazy Weather..

    what about yours??
  13. dilatedmuscle

    crazy ass lower abs

    check out this guys lower abs, you can see them contracting all the way from the bottom, its trippy NoJ6QR-2CLo
  14. Daniel Andersson

    wtf? crazy chick on tred

    :umwtf: This woman is always jogging like this. Sometimes she'll clap and yell out "Yeah!" or something. One of my buddys told me that if the gym isn't busy she'll put 3 or 4 treadmills at 1.0 KPH and jog along hopping from one to the other! Dangerous and stupid. 0KmfE7B0aP4
  15. PrizeFighteR

    Crazy police video! Guy is a trainer at my gym.

    MEpUtoUzE4U Steve Rankin is a trainer at my gym. This video is a couple years old. One of the other trainers at gym (and workout partner) told me the story today. Then I found this video!
  16. D

    Mum cancels sons WoW Account & kid goes crazy

    :49: :49: :49: :49: @ 1:10 second mark :49: YersIyzsOpc
  17. dilatedmuscle

    Crazy face teen

    this guy one the teens NPC Atlantic States.... his face is gnarly http://www.rxmuscle.com/videos/c-interviews/398-bikramsit-singh-after-winning-2009-npc-atlantic-states-teen-bodybuilding-overall.html
  18. Skeptic

    Crazy baptist lady on Fox News

    This woman is crazy. NKDTCgqYK1Y
  19. brendan

    Crazy japanese drift show

    crazt skills. zn4w7wzYSac
  20. TJ

    Crazy Football Catch.

    Kid gets hit hard but still manages to catch the ball for the TD. oCRpObCL5pk