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kratom vending machine

  1. KaiGold

    Kratom Vending Machine?

    Kratom with a side of cheesesteak: A sub shop’s vending machine draws customers desperate to kick opioids By Eric Boodman @ericboodman June 1, 2017 TUCSON, Ariz. — Besides the psychoactive properties of eggplant parm and mid-century nostalgia, there isn’t much about East Coast Super...
  2. tkD

    Flex Wheeler - June 2014 update photo!

    Recent pic of Flex Wheeler from FB. At 48 years old he looks like he could do a comeback if he wants to.
  3. tkD

    Lee Priest won the 2013 Mr Universe!!!

    We all were waiting for his return, and this is his comeback! Winning the overall at the 2013 Mr Universe! The Blond Myth is finally back. After many have said he will never come back on a bodybuilding stage, including Shawn Ray, today at the Mr Universe, Lee won his class and the overall. 2013...
  4. HeavyWeight_86

    Most realistic IFBB Pro comeback???

    As the title says, which Pro could make a successful comeback and make top 6 at the O?? 1. Kevin Levrone With what he has accomplished in the last months, NATURALLY, to me he could sure as hell make a successful comeback, even aimining for the Sandow, his genetics is simply unreal. 2. Mike...
  5. Iceman1981

    Breaking News: Coleman Comeback Confirmed for 2010

    Breaking News: Coleman Comeback Confirmed for 2010 Sources: http://www.musclesportmag.com/2009/06/30/breaking-news-coleman-comeback-confirmed-for-2010/ http://www.musclesportmag.com/2009/06/29/ronnie-coleman-on-musclesport-radio-tuesday-630/
  6. D

    What did everyone think of Markus Ruhl's Comeback?

    thread title says it all i think he looked great for his comeback but seem to lost abit of size but really brought the detail
  7. Big VIC

    Tom platz is contemplating a comeback!

  8. Z

    The 51 Years Old Francis Benfatto Comeback

    Francis Benfatto is still in great form and is considering his second return to the competitive stage.
  9. COACH


    Flavio Baccianini (Italy) 50 yrs Old (4ft 10 in) .. Shredded! Hams are split! Great bicept Peaks .. former Olympia competitor making a comeback after year away, nice job!!!
  10. Arcane1129

    Arcane's comeback

    This is after 1.5 months of no exercise and 3 weeks of barely eating due to my appendix exploding. I'm down 15 lbs from where I used to be and look like crap (comparatively). Hopefully in a few short months I'll be back to where I was- far more muscular.