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luca pennazzato

  1. TalkAdmin

    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Luca Pennazzato Official Updates

    musclemecca is happy to bring you the IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Luca Pennazzato Official Updates Forum! Here you will find scheduling updates, pictures and videos of IFBB pro bodybuilder Luca Pennazzato! Here is Luca Pennazzato hanging out at the 2017 LA Fit Expo Another at the La Fit Expo:
  2. TalkAdmin

    Luca Pennazzato - At The Gym!

    We have a brand new MuscleMecca video! This is IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Luca Pennazzato at the gym! Luca is a freagin beast! Keep checking The Bodybuilder Pro List because I am going to be adding Luca this week!
  3. underbody

    The New Pro IFBB from Italy!

    From Italy the new pro Ifbb Luca Pennazzato ! Congrats big Luca !
  4. T

    Tonkinator pics

    yes i know i don't do cardio and i pigged out these holidays gainign some fat but here ya go. Not really been training hard enough. Stats- weight 200 pounds Height - 5,8 don't know the rest lol. Training one year and 3 months ITs hard to pose holding a camera so i couldn't do the best poses ...