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  1. KaiGold

    Darren Troy Viellaris jailed for trafficking cocaine and cannabis

    I am amazed at how this article says that cannabis basically caused this crazy woman to kill her children.. Yeah, right. The weed makes people violent? Give me a break! Australia is worse than the USA on this stuff.. Gold Coast bodybuilder and model sentenced to seven years in jail after he...
  2. jamestephan

    Best HGH (Human Growth Hormon) Patch/Supplements that works

    Hello friends, I want to know more about HGH Supplements/Patch that has minimum side effects. If you can share reference Websites or brand name here it helps me lot. All your ideas and experience about that most welcome in reply Thanks! James
  3. P


    Hello, 2 Questions and please dont answer if you believe my questions are stupid: 1. What kind of vitamins are relevant to increase muscle? 2. When should I eat the vitamin , before in the middle or after my meals???? thanksssssssssss
  4. HATER


    Hello guys, for the past 8-12 months i've been feeling slugish, i'm always wanting to go to sleep and i really hate it. When i go to the gym, i drag myself around to do all my sets and excersises, i still manage to get everything done, but its like i dont want to be there. Just the other day, i...
  5. Natzo

    Vitamins before workoout.

    I've been thinking about this, Vitamins are the base of muscle building: Vitamin A - Is crucial to the process of protein synthesis where individual amino acids are combined to form new muscle tissue. It also helps the body to produce glycogen, the stored form of carbohydrates within the body...
  6. Samoan-Z

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Hey Fellas' right now I am taking a morning multi vitamin the GNC MEGA MEN Sport, Amp Creatine and the Lipo6x every morning. Should there be any other vitamins I should be getting my hands on. Mostly Vitamins and Minerals to ensure short and long term health.
  7. Palmetto

    14 Day Supply of Naturemade Vitamins

    http://naturemade.com/ You can select 1 from like 5 or 6 different kinds..you have to create an account with them..... Just thought ya'll might enjoy some free vitamins.
  8. D

    Animal PAK Vitamins

    Hi i Just Picked up a Tin of Animal pak Vitamins and i noticed It says they are TIME RELEASED I OPENED it up and noticed that the Pills are well some of them are INSANly SIzed to a point where i cannot even Swallow them so i Took em and Blendid em all in a Protein SHake didnt TASTE great but i...