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markus ruhl

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Markus Ruhl Rules

    Check out our latest Muscle Mecca Video! Markus Ruhl Rules! You gotta love The German Nightmare Markus Ruhl! [#]Markus Ruhl[/#]
  2. underbody

    Markus or Ramy?

    Markus Ruhl vs Big Ramy, who is the best bodybuilder?
  3. fallen

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I know I'm a day late but still wanted to let everyone know that I am wishing them a happy thanksgiving day.
  4. smcfay

    Thanksgiving Food P0rn Thread

    I know im not the only one looking forward to making this my official cheat day of the week. What are you guys eating, post pics :facesjump:
  5. tkD

    Markus Ruhl 1999 Mr Olympia routine

    Markus Ruhl Chest & Shoulders Workout For 1999 Mr Olympia Also Watch:
  6. D

    Happy Thanksgiving Parade

  7. GetSize


    There is alot of Protein and carbs to be thankful for today! I hope everyone (those who arent dieting) indulges this weekend! :linedrunk:
  8. Line

    Thanksgiving Game from PETA!

    http://www.peta.org/cooking-mama/index.asp?c=pcmgb08 I got a score of 1082. :imcoolurnot:
  9. curtisymoo

    Markus Ruhl guest posing Nov 08

    Markus Rühl, Gastposing mit 133 kg. November 2008