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  1. yourmuscleshop


    It mostly has a place in bulking cycles, but it can also be utilized in cutting cycles. It may be the primary factor in a bulking cycle that produces – Lean muscle mass increased strength High levels of energy Overall endurance. CAN WOMEN TAKE MASTERON ENANTHATE? Yes. It is one of the...
  2. Crackrbaby

    Test, Npp, Mast and Anavar question

    How's this cycle sound to you? Suggestions? ( 12 weeks) 750mg Test E 450 NPP 450 Mast P 80mg Var ( for 8 weeks ) I have been cruising on 250mg Test E for about 6 months and will be bumping my dose up to 750mg approx. 3 weeks prior to adding the short esters ( NPP and MastP ) to allow the...
  3. P

    I just accidentally a Coca-Cola bottle

    Read first - http://digg.com/d1ah74 :turborun:
  4. Big VIC

    Full Throttle Douche Bottle

  5. Tech

    Free Shaker Bottle

    Just fill out the info and answer the 20 questions. You can just bullshit the questions, you don't have to give real answers. http://www.spiru-tein.com/register.asp