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mattia vecchi

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Congratulations to Mattia Vecchi

    Congratulations to Italian Bodybuilder Mattia Vecchi for winning the Overall at the 2017 Night of Champions and for getting his Pro Elite Card!
  2. TalkAdmin

    Mattia Vecchi Official Updates

    This is the place to go for Mattia Vecchi Updates, Pictures, Videos, events, etc! We will start this off with some random Mattia Vecchi pics! Here is a Mattia Vecchi Video by Musclemecca:
  3. MuscleMecca Crew

    Mattia Vecchi Pro Bodybuilding Bio

    Born: December 21, 1980 Birth Place: Cesena, Italy Home: Cesenatico, Italy Height: 176cm(5Ft,7) Weight: 105KG(231lbs) Mattia Vecchi Bodybuilding Competitions 2011 Italian Middleweight Musclemania - 1st 2012 Italian Absolute Musclemania - 1st 2012 Mr. Universe NGA America Miami - 1st 2013...
  4. Kayce

    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mattia Vecchi at the 2016 Italian Championships!

    Thanks to Underbody for this video of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mattia Vecchi at the 2016 Italian Championships!
  5. lifterdead

    The Mr. O Poll; Place your bets!

    Pick your winner in the poll and reply with your top 5 in the thread. The current list of competitors: Troy Alves USA Anthony Jr., Melvin USA Cutler, Jay USA Fankhouser, Erik USA Freeman, Toney USA Greene, Kai USA Haley, Marcus USA Heath, Phil USA Jackson, Dexter USA Jackson, Johnnie USA...
  6. Ironslave

    Ronny Rockel, 7th place

    Congrats to Ronny Rockel on his all time best showing, and almost squeezing into the last (top 6) group at the Olympia. I know many of us (myself, Flex, others) have been a fan of his for years, it was great to see him improve/tighten up in the back/legs and place comfortably in the top 10...
  7. P

    Branch Warren 2nd place

    Biggest shock of the night.
  8. Flex

    Troy Alves interview after receiving 3rd place Atlantic City

    Class act. http://www.rxmuscle.com/videos/c-interviews/736-troy-alves-after-placing-3rd-at-the-2009-ifbb-atlantic-city-pro.html
  9. Flex

    Joel "Birdlegs" Stubbs[3rd place] vs. Fouad Abiad[4th place] - Europa

    Credit is due to Stubbs for bringing great conditioning. But simply stated, Fouad looks like a bodybuilder, Joel does not.
  10. Flex

    Dennis James[1st place] vs. Robert Piotrkowicz[5th place] - Europa

    Sure, Dennis James came in better than the Tampa show. But, he was not even close to the best in this show. Another undeserved win for DJ, he may just be the most hated bodybuilder in bodybuilding if he continues getting these free wins. Robert Piotrkowicz was not only easily worthy of top 3...
  11. RealDeal2099

    Phil Heath - 2009 Mr. Olympia Fifth Place?

    I've seen a number of predictions for the 2009 Olympia that place Dexter, Jay, Kai, and Victor as low as fourth or fifth place. These four guys share a few things in common: they have all won the Arnold, placed as high as second in the O (except for Kai, who is making his debut), and have not...
  12. D

    Your Favoutite Fast Food Place?

    We all love it regardless if we admit to it or not. Mine would be a Pizza shop
  13. Z

    Legitimacy of IFBB Judging - At Least Three Competitors *Should* Place Ahead of Jay

    Written by Muscletime Staff Saturday, 27 September 2008 Legitimacy of IFBB Judging at Stake - At Least Three Competitors *Should* Place Ahead of Jay Cutler Several questions have been answered with the conclusion of the prejudging portion of the 2008 Mr. Olympia. The most pressing...
  14. KCharger9

    Antoine Vaillant second place

    He got second in the heavies. Doesnt look as hard and tan looked off Looked the best though.
  15. B

    New here. Heard about this place on the radio.

    Heard about this forum on pro bodybuilding weekly, i clicked the link on their site and BOOM it brings me here! Forum is looking good. By the way, this is the only forum i've ever signed up to. I read alot of mayhem,getbig and bbing.com but could never be bothered to sign up.