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mickey mulholland

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    RIP Mickey Mulholland, Gentle Giant

    Mickey Mulholland died suddenly on Friday. Mickey Mulholland was in his 50s and from Coleraine, Ireland. He was a very well liked and well known bodybuilder in Northern Ireland. Here are some quotes from Mickey's friends:
  2. Tech

    Just watched 'My Bloody Valentine'

    Here's my review of the movie...
  3. P

    The Last Foreign Movie You Watched?

    What was the last movie you watched that probably didn't have any English talking people in it? I watched My Sassy Girl the other day. Theres a lot of female on male violence in this one. :turborun: I might watch IP MAN tonight. Its about Bruce Lee's mentor, so, it should be good.
  4. P

    Last movie you watched on TV?

    Anyone watch movies on TV? Anyone? :umwtf: If so, what was the last movie you watched on TV? :umwtf:
  5. P

    Last time you watched a VHS tape.

    One of these things. Last time I watched a VHS was :dunnodude:.
  6. P

    What movie have you watched the most?

    What movie have you watched so many times, that you know every single line of dialogue?
  7. P

    The best movie you watched this year?

    What was the best movie you watched in 2008? Doesn't have to be a movie that came out 2008, just any movie you have watched in 2008. I'll make two category's anyway. Best movie that came out in 2008: Best movie that I have watched in 2008: GOGOGOGOGOGOGO
  8. RonWid

    Just watched step up 2

    I was at home when I watched this. I'll tell you what, I am not even a fan of street dancing, but after I watched this movie.."I was like, wow sick dancing!"
  9. P

    Family 'watched TV as girl died'

  10. P

    Worst movie you've ever watched?

    From start to finish that is. The worst movie I've ever sat through would have to be Matrix 2. Just torture.
  11. Line

    Official Film Discussion and Last Movie You Watched

    Sticky this shit! :cool: Please be careful about giving away spoilers.