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monster labs

  1. TalkAdmin

    Stay Away from guy pretending to be Monster Labs.

    Just a word of warning. This guy is unstable and really rude. We will not allow him here and if you see him on another site do yourself a favor and stay away. monsterlabs.info.at gmail This was a guy claiming to be from monsterlabs but isn't. I belive it is the same ahole who is contacting...
  2. shivsiddh

    Annoying sharp pain in my lower back :(

    I have been having this annoying sharp pain in my lower back every now and then. I went and got a x-ray done, it came out normal, doc gave me some painkillers didnt really tell what the pain was due to or anything. I tried deadlifting today w/o a belt after 3 weeks and boom not even half the...
  3. MrChewiebitums

    Exer to hit lower triceps?

    Got any idea which exercises could add just that extra thickness to the lower park of the triceps? i`m refering to the lateral head
  4. Ironslave

    US Veteran furious American flag flying lower than Mexico's

    :bitenails: UQ6cCPbA8jo
  5. grandmaster

    Developing a lower and full bicep!

    Hi I was wondering how to get my biceps to be full on the outer part of it! So far my inner bicep is right at the bottom but it lacks the longness and fullness. What exercises should i perform for the perfect bicep!
  6. J

    calf / lower leg training

    Hi again guys, this time i've got a question with regards to leg training, my calves are starting to develop and i can see size and shape, however, the area below the calves to the ankles (don't know what its referred to as) pretty much remains the same, im wondering if this is normal, or if...
  7. philosopher

    Tip: Toast frozen bread for a lower GI

    Toast your bread directly when it comes out of the freezer. It will lower the GI-Index from the bread
  8. J

    lower chest

    with all the experts on this website! what is the best excersise for lower chest? decline, wide grip dips, etc...