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moustafa ismail

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Remember Moustafa Ismail and his giant biceps?

    Do you guys remember Moustafa Ismail from a few years ago? he is that Egyptian bodybuilder who used way too much synthol and then denied it. He holds the record for the biggest biceps. Some bodybuilders believe he did not use synthol or steroids. What do you think? Did Moustafa Ismail use...
  2. atomic strenght

    deca and test e for precontest

    can i run deca and test e while preparing for a show?the show is only 3 weeks out.my friend did it last year and he was soft as a baby's ass the day of the show.
  3. The Creator

    Creator's Pre-contest 2010

    Alright fellas here we are again. Mods can move this if they dont want it in this section cuz I wasnt sure. I am currently just under 8 weeks out from the NPC Empire Classic. I will be competing in the light heavy weight division. I am currently at 205 lbs. As usual, I honestly swear that my...
  4. Big VIC

    Pre-contest Tanning Tips

    Tanning Tips EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THE PERFECT CONTEST Step 1: Get Buffed Pre-Tan Exfoliator - Use before initial application of Pro Tan Competition Color to assure maximum absorption. May also be used after competition to assist in the removal of Pro Tan. Step 2: Pro Tan Competition Color -...
  5. tkD

    Heath admits to precontest issues - Video interview

    Video here
  6. Duality

    Duality; precontest 09

    pictures taken at the gym. posting because a couple dudes requested so i figured i'd take the time. about 217lbs, i'm 5'11, and 20 years old. and my camera memory card is only a 16mb so this is all i have.
  7. Flex

    Turk's Pre-Contest Plan

    I figured i'd post this up since some may find it interesting. This is the plan we followed to prepare for all three competitions he did in only 3 weeks time. Wednesday (March 25th): Carb deplete Thursday: Carb deplete Friday: Carb-up Saturday: Carb-up Sunday: (Mr. SRU 2009) Carb-up...
  8. X

    Pre-contest training

    whats up, im a month out from my contest on april 4th and am trying to figure out how to approach my workouts. Some say lower sets and reps with heavier weight. Other people tell me higher reps, lighter weight. I'm sure i'll get mixed feedback on this but does anyone have a tried, tested and...
  9. F

    Pre-Contest Cycle

    Tren / Winny - Precontest diet starting 20 weeks out, When to start winny? when to start Tren? T3 if any? and input will be greatly appreciated
  10. bizarro306

    in a 12 week precontest diet, how much fat CAN you lose?

    ive known friends to lose 20-30 lbs in precontest but what is the limit? i know everyone is different jus want to see whats the most someone has goten out of a 12 week precontest diet!
  11. D

    Dennis wolf (precontest) 2007 VS 2008

    I toke some pics from milossarcev.com (from 2007 New York Pro to 2007 Mr.O)... the light is different and some poses too
  12. The Creator

    The Creator's Pre-Contest thread

    So here are the first set of cutting pics! I have dropped a few lbs and I am hovering right around 218 and feel I am pretty lean. I welcome any criticism so long as it isn't "you need to work on your legs", because I know this and they have actually improved quite a bit but they have a long...
  13. Duality

    precontest pics: Duality

    so i got my little brother to take some pics of me. i will be competing in the teen and novice divisions in my show june 28th (i'm 19). i started 10 weeks out (i know, i know, too late, but braaq talked me into it) at 235lbs and approx 14% bf. i am currently 207lbs in this pic (so i've lost...
  14. F

    my precontest diet (need some help)

    I'm 9 weeks out from my show, starting my diet tomorrow, right now I'm at about 8 -10% bf. I've made up the diet and it looks decent in my opinion but the problem is that my total calorie intake on it would be roughly 5600, and 470 g of protein, the protein is good but the calories are a bit too...
  15. N

    The precontest bible by larry pepe

    any one kno where i can download this book or has ne one came across it on a torrent?:dunnodude:
  16. tallman65h

    getting ready for precontest

    well this is the week I start my precontest dieting and I am wondering does anyone have tips on my first competition and dieting.thanks
  17. The Creator

    Layne Norton Pre-Contest Advice

    http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/layne36.htm Hope it is not a repost. I really like Layne and I have gained a lot of my bodybuilding knowledge from his articles. He always makes sure to explain things in both common and scientific terms which helps me understand and find validation in his...
  18. Turkish1530

    The Real All Natural Monster: Precontest Log

    Finally decided to start a log after several months of being 2 lazy.......During the school year I train with Flex and Shutupnsquat........who are 2 intense "hardcore" workout partners......no sorry we don't throw around weights like Jay Moore.........thanx for visiting my log and any kind of...