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mr. olympia europe amateur

  1. underbody

    2016 Olympia Europe Amateur in San Marino

    For the first time the Mr. Olympia Europe Amateur will be in San Marino. Gian Enrico Pica, Pro ifbb and promoter of THE San Marino Classic PRO IFBB is creating this event. More info will come. The Mr. Olympia Europe Amateur will be December 2-5, 2016 in San Marino.
  2. P

    Best 2010 Summer Movie

    I haven't actually seen any, so, the movie with the most votes might make me go see that movie.
  3. Pickle

    your favourite movie soundtrack of all time.

    Dunno if we have one of these threads. But we should. So many classic soundtracks make so many movies even more classic. Rocky soundtracks take the cake for me the bill conti stuff before the eye of the tiger although it wasn't bad just not as powerful as Contis orchestral stuff for me...
  4. P

    Fred: The Movie (some guy from youtube)

    You got to be shitting me. nEqwKNNQBwc
  5. Big VIC

    Who’s The Best Movie Sidekick?

    Who's The Best Movie Sidekick?
  6. P

    Predators 2010 Movie Trailer [HD]

    9u8vZwvP57Y "they learn, they adapt" They have space ships, cloaking devices, plasma blasters, created a jungle on their home world while we have swords and shotguns, yea, I wonder which race is the primitive one.
  7. P

    Greatest movie of all the times

  8. Justwonderin

    That new movie avatar

    ok so I saw it last night....besides it being the longest freaking damn movie in the world it was alright. Was I the only one who was strangely turned on by the main alien chick in it. My girlfriend got super pissed at me after I took my pants off at the theatre when I got a boner
  9. Johnny5

    Halo Movie

    Hope this isn't a repost. :bitenails: d6g1yyWEfks Skip to 3:30 skip the BS.
  10. Big VIC

    Porn Studios Set To Target 65,000 Movie Uploaders

    In July many adult movie studios filed a copyright complaint against 10,000 alleged porn uploaders. The producers wanted a large number of convictions but were disappointed when prosecutors went after just 10 individuals. The studios have responded by reporting another 65,000 file-sharers and...
  11. Robcardu

    Top 10 worst Movie

    "Free Willy" not on the list = not my list. what's yours? 10 (Aeon Flux) Charlize Theron 9 (Godzilla) Mathew Broderick - Jean Reno 8 (Hulk) Eric Bana - Kris Krisstoferson 7 (WaterWorld) Kevin Costner - Dennis Hopper 6 (Wild Wild West) Will Smith - Kevin Kline 5...
  12. P

    Best movie of the year so far?

    I haven't seen enough movies in 2009 to really say. I've only seen mainstream movies, which have all been pretty bad. I still want to watch The Hurt Locker... I've heard a lot of good things about this one.
  13. Daniel Andersson

    Tropic Thunder Promo - MTV Movie Awards

    :49::49: (click it...) 1czvD3aVk8Y
  14. tkD

    The Final Destination (2009) movie trailer

    the 4th part of the Final Destination series PDop_H89VOw i enjoyed the first films of "F.D", but i don't know what to say about this one..
  15. tkD

    Toy Story 3 movie trailer

  16. Maxmonzter

    Best Arnold Movie

    Arnold is the man so wich is his best movie ever made?
  17. P

    How to Watch an Extremely Long Movie

    1. Choose a good 3 hour movie, like Ben-Hur, Barry Lyndon, Lawrence of Arabia, any Godfather movie, an extended version of Lord of the Rings, or Gone With The Wind. It needs to be something you're interested in. Read a summary of the movie beforehand so you're sure that you're willing to sit...
  18. P

    Possibly the greatest movie poster in the history of movie posters

    Eddie Murphy giving the finger and holding a cigar in the other hand while handcuffed to Nick Nolte.
  19. P

    Spill.com Movie Reviews

    I thought these were pretty entertaining movie reviews. http://www.youtube.com/user/spillcom jfdgmyHNnYQ ApJK52cMc2I Z60owzeXnrY
  20. D

    Guess The Movie Title With Picture Clues

    Guess The Movie With Pictures Simply and fun game *Use any amount of pictures to use for the movie title here are some to kick start the thread Movie 1: Movie 2