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mr. scotland

  1. KaiGold

    Steven Kirkwood found guilty of killing Mr. Scotland

    A MAN has been convicted of killing Mr Scotland bodybuilding champion Michael O’Hanlon. Steven Kirkwood, 44, stabbed Mr O’Hanlon four times in the office of HK Autotek garage in Stevenston, Ayrshire, on July 25 last year. His victim died from massive blood loss. He was originallycharged with...
  2. MrChewiebitums

    Insulin Control For Maximum Fat Loss

    Insulin Control For Maximum Fat Loss . In games and contests, there are always elements that are devastating in their dominance. It may be as simple as rock always beating scissors in the hand game “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” or it may be as complex as the M1A1/2 Abrams main battle tanks loaded...
  3. Big VIC

    Insulin 101 for newbie’s by RazorRipped

    Insulin 101 for newbie’s by RazorRipped This post is just a simple guide for first time insulin users to follow in a safe, and effective manner. The type of insulin I’m talking about is Humalog I urge you to invest in a glucometer. This will give you a close estimation of where your BG(Blood...
  4. tim290280

    Fructose, insulin resistance and metabolic dyslipidemia

    Fructose has been raised a few times in the last week so I'd thought I'd post this article. As you'll see the HFCS is bad news, and we consume a lot of bad fructose calories. This shouldn't stop you consuming fruit though, it should stop you consuming junk, processed foods!! Enjoy! Fructose...
  5. Big04pimpin

    Insulin, and other thoughts.

    I have been thinking about taking the plunge to the dark side again. I am at 228 lbs and about 12% BF at 6' tall. I miss the days of being at almost 250lbs. I have been hearing great things non stop about insulin when your "on" so it always gets my attention. What do you guys know about in...
  6. theweapon

    what type of insulin to use with HGH

    a buddy gave me 3 100IU vials of 70/30 insulin called NovoLog Mix 70/30, he says thats the type i should use with a HGH stack, if not i can get 100% pure insulin, what should i do?? also if you need to know the exact ingredients let me know
  7. Big VIC

    Insulin pill could replace injections for diabetes

    Insulin pill could replace injections for diabetes PDF Print E-mail Written by University of Texas at Austin Thursday, 01 May 2008 Insulin pills to replace the injections necessary for those suffering from diabetes appear closer to reality through new research by chemical and...
  8. MetalMX

    Insulin, Get Sensitive...

    How to Improve Insulin Sensitivity Simple Dietary Changes :food-snacking: Simple dietary habits have profound effects upon insulin sensitivity. As example, saturated fats, such as those found in animal protein sources, and fried foods promote insulin insensitivity/resistance. Unsaturated...
  9. F

    High insulin levels. How to lose BF?

    I have friend who struggles with losing weight( I think she's perfect), and her doctor said that her body produces high amounts of insulin, and in turn cuases barely any weight loss no matter how hard she trains or diets. any suggestions??? What foods should she stay away fom??? Which foods are...