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  1. KaiGold

    MusclMasster, LLC of Wheat Ridge, CO is recalling all bottles of Al-Er-G Capsules because they contain the presence of Ephedra Herb

    MusclMasster, LLC of Wheat Ridge, CO is recalling all bottles of Al-Er-G Capsules because they contain the presence of Ephedra Herb, an FDA banned ingredient. Dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids pose a risk of serious adverse events, including heart attack, stroke, and death, and...
  2. D

    Best and worst tasting supplements your've tried

    what are some of the best and worst tasting supplements your've tried
  3. lifterdead

    Worst. Coach. Ever.

    Can you believe this guy? I stole this from T-nation, but apparently this coach works and is paid for this, and actually had something published on Elitefts. WTF? :bitenails: "Go down a little deeper.." coach, "NO! Shut up." nipZM_33oyo kEdS4Rs2szY KVIKUrMT-FM Original Thread...
  4. Banshee20

    Worst wedding DJ ever

  5. D

    Best & Worst Personality of an IFBB Pro

    Thread title is simple who do you believe has the best and worst personality of an IFBB Pro *might be a repost of my own thread not sure lol ill start Worst: Jay cutler why: the guy talks like a robot Best: Lee priest equal with Markus ruhl Why: always having fun and joking around in the...
  6. Flex

    MD's worst video ever?

    Failed attempt at humor.
  7. MrChewiebitums

    The Worst Gym in the world!

    Lo and behold the wrost gym on the planet.. possibly the universe is PLANET FITNESS "Fun Facts! We give away 35000 free t-shirts every month! Have you seen PF's famous candy jars filled with purple and traditional Tootsie Rolls?? We go through over 750,000 each month! On Pizza Nights (the...
  8. Robcardu

    Top 10 worst Movie

    "Free Willy" not on the list = not my list. what's yours? 10 (Aeon Flux) Charlize Theron 9 (Godzilla) Mathew Broderick - Jean Reno 8 (Hulk) Eric Bana - Kris Krisstoferson 7 (WaterWorld) Kevin Costner - Dennis Hopper 6 (Wild Wild West) Will Smith - Kevin Kline 5...
  9. sexnews

    10 Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters

    Gross: http://www.oddee.com/item_96587.aspx Pics like this:
  10. tim290280

    Worst Metal Videos Ever

    Here is a collection of the worst heavy metal videos ever made. So horrific they’re awesome. So cheesy they’re hardcore. So bad they’re good. For now I’m not going to try and put these in any ranking or numerical order. This page will be added to as I find suitablely awful metal videos to post...
  11. Flex

    Worst Movie This Year?

    Step Brothers. Hands down. Honorable mentions- Joy Ride 2 The Love Guru 100 Million B.C. Shutter The Strangers Zombie Strippers Scorpion King 2 Prom Night Meet the Spartans I'm only listing movies that were released on DVD, not sure of most movies in theatres.
  12. El Freako

    Worst song ever

    Worst song ever, beyond a doubt. I know its not a new song but I just had to listen to it all the way through. I think I have to sandpaper my ears clean now. DmeUuoxyt_E :disgust:
  13. Chesticles

    Worst Film Title Ever?

    In your opinion, what is the worst film title of all time? I think this wins hands down: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0438883/ :49::49:
  14. Big VIC

    The worst thing I have seen since the Mark Dugdale one

  15. Iceman1981

    Worst Hair In Sports

  16. Paulie

    The 20 Worst Foods in America

    I found this on Yahoo! the other day and wanted to share it. It's ridiculous how awful these foods are. :hhj: http://www.menshealth.com/eatthis/20-Worst-Foods/index.php
  17. P

    Worst movie you've ever watched?

    From start to finish that is. The worst movie I've ever sat through would have to be Matrix 2. Just torture.
  18. I

    worst supplement you have bought?.....

    there are allot of cheap and inefective supps out there.....having said that,there are allot of expensive,inefective supps...whats the worst you have bought?:weaksuace::e5dunno: