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  1. T

    Question on Chest

    I've seen some pics of Arnold when he was really young (age:20), and in some of the pics/vids of him (age 20) the very bottom of his chest looks slightly thicker then compared to some pics/vids of him in his prime (age:27/28). Almost as if while his whole chest was growing, the very bottom grew...
  2. Hypocrisy86

    Question about purchasing LCD/LED tv online, how to pay etc.

    okay so im looking at buying a new tv online, since i dont have a real credit card, and the only way i get credit is thru car payment and gas card etc. if i get a tv thats about 1,700$ how much do you think i would pay a month for it? right now im looking for friends input, pals, etc to see...
  3. Napol3onator

    new question about fat burners

    i know they dont singe fat off like a miracle..but the energy they give you helps in the gym, so technically, fat burners work lol..and they make my grades better too! I have a question...I took lipo 6 from wally mart and it was amazing..200mg caffeine anhydrous..I was wondering if anyone knew...
  4. Fatality

    Question about off days.

    This is my diet on an on day, but what should/can be changed on an off day? I get the general jist of it and I think I have an idea of what should/can be changed, but I would enjoy hearing your comments as well. I drink enough water and all that too, I'm just looking for a general idea. Thanks...
  5. B

    Energy deficit, muscle growth question??.....

    I'm not even sure how to phrase this question for sure. It stems from the much asked how to gain muscle but not fat dilemma. I just wondered if someone could explain what process the body undergoes on a workout day if you have a negative caloric intake but still have a high amount of protein...
  6. B

    Question about Diet on Rest day

    I was wondering do I eat like I regulary do on lifting days on a rest day or lower carb intake?...
  7. MrChewiebitums

    facebook question

    is there anyway to use a .gif on facebook, like in your profile pics or albums? what about using the code [img] thing, think it would work?
  8. Zigurd

    Protein shake question.

    In another forum some guys told me that mixing a protein shake with anything but water was wasting the whey. I usually always drink my protein shake with fat-free milk, but they said the milk had a different absorption rate and so the whey would get wasted and blah blah blah Does this hold any...
  9. Hypocrisy86

    Methyl-E question,. concerned.

    I bought a while back two bottles of methyl-e from EST off of ebay right both brand new sealed, well the first bottle i went thru had red small capsules.. now heres the kicker, the second bottle, when i opened it up it was blue capsules but also nearly 3 times the size of the red ones, now i was...
  10. T

    PCT Question

    I am about to start a 4 week HAVOC cycle. For my PCT ihave Reversitol, Activate Extreme, and Lean Extreme. As far as the Activate Extreme, I am going to start that in week 3 of my PCT. Am i going to want to do a total of 4 weeks of it or just those last two of a 4 week PCT?? ALso, do I need to...
  11. L

    Question in Regards to Finigenx/Lmg clone vs Superdrol

    Ok i finished my first cycle of a product called Finaflex 550xd I saw great gains on it and no side effects, except it murdered my sex drive These are the specs 2a, 17a-Dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one,17B-ol 10mg Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione 25mg 3, 17 ketoetiochol-triene 10mg Milk Thistle (80%...
  12. D

    First Cycle question

    I am still waiting to get my first shipment. The guy that I am doing this with has just taken his first shot of Test E. He took 400 mg on Tuesday. He told me the next morning that his spot was sore. As the days kept going he said that i t was worst. This morning he called me and said there was a...
  13. DCuts85

    Weekly Fantasy Question...

    In Seattle, we have a local talk show that does this each week. They ask a fantasy question and then read the emails and take phone calls, its pretty funny with the responses. So I figured I'd give it a try. Be imaginative and give explanation if you feel your answer warrants it. Week 1...
  14. co05

    Dessicated Liver Question

    Can I take dessicated liver in place of a BCAA supplement, like ON's BCAA caps?
  15. Big VIC

    Movie quote question

    Me and some coworkers have been talking about this quote for a while now maybe one of you know.santawhat "What are you going to do spoon him to death"
  16. RecklessJohnny

    Brocolli Question

    Hey guys, quick question. So I am eating broccoli religiously for my contest diet. I include it in 3 of my meals each day. My question I have for you guys that I couldn't find was how to eat it. Usually I will eat the entire piece - the stem and the top. But honestly the stem tastes like crap -...
  17. Big04pimpin

    Computer CPU question

    Hey guys, hopefully you can help me out with deciding. I have the choice of two computers. One will have Dual Xeons but not sure which ones. The other would be a single Core 2 Duo. Ram isn't really a problem. I know I could put a lot more in with the Xeons because of the motherboard...
  18. B

    Expert GH Question in Europe or Asia

    Hey guys I got a question. I am living in Tokyo and the GH and gear is not illegal. My question is what is the best GH I should get from Europe or where ever. I had some buddies telling me that Jintropin is the best out of China, but I have heard there is much better quality. Please give me...
  19. D

    Question? how much is Jay Cutler really weighing?!?!

    Man, he looks bigger than Toney and Denniw Wolf... looks like he weighing 285 pounds....looks a character of "The Lord of the Rings". just a littler observation.. I don't think his legs smaller than before
  20. theweapon

    bodybuilding.com question

    i ordered a bunch of shit but i wanted to pay with a check, what i thought would happen if i hit "check" was i type in my routing number and account number, but i9nstead it made the order and it says for me to send my check in, i already have an order number and my order should be shipped...