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  1. R

    First Here Huh? Any Fans?

    Well I was a little bit surprised to see that there was a section created but no threads or posts, so I thought that I would just go ahead and be the first one to start it. I am a pretty big NCAA football fan, and it is merely the case of being where I am from and the fact that it is all we...
  2. smcfay

    Discovery Channel- Lifting in prison

    This is pretty old but check out the ATG form with some of these guys and the amount of weight they are using for being in prison. Oh and check out this squat dump around the 6:40 minute marker, i don't know how he didn't break his neck. :bitelip: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=KNWX30UI
  3. COACH

    Amazing Prison Workout .. :-))

    :sissyfight: ...hahahhaha!!!:rofl3::rofl3::rofl3::rofl3: atc8s_0-s-k
  4. sexnews

    Two years in prison for advertising roids in bodybuilding magazines

    Daniel McGlone was sentenced to two years in prison for advertising, marketing, and promoting American Pharmaceutical Group (AMG) as a source for anabolic steroids and human growth hormone in bodybuilding magazines and through the Internet website PrescriptionProtocol.com. Daniel McGlone aka...
  5. Chesticles

    Nick Hogan To Be Sentenced Soon - Facing Upto 5 Years In Prison

    Source: TMZ.com I say give him the chair.
  6. Tech

    Wesley Snipes gets three years prison for not filing taxes

    http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5hl9jgmhYbe9pHdk1pp30Wm5UADPw Didn't the US fight a war 230 years ago due to being unfairly taxed by an overpowering government?
  7. Mr.Olympia 2008


    News Source
  8. N

    New Titus video from prison!

    IFBB bodybuilder Craig Titus shackled and blindfolded by guards at a jail in Las Vegas, Nevada. Craig Titus was working with Muscle Missions on a book exposing corruption within bodybuilding prior to being placed in solitary confinement. This interview with Craig Titus was conducted by Mark...
  9. N

    If MuscleMecca was prison...

    Who'd be your bitch? CWUtrainer would be mine. :xmaswiggle:
  10. F

    Prison Break

    Anyone watch the show???