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new york pro

  1. FitnessVolt

    Blessing Awodibu Calls out Nick Walker After New York Pro Victory

  2. TalkAdmin

    2021 New York Pro

    The 2021 New York Pro will be here on 5/15/2021! It will be in Tampa this year! 2021 New York Pro Tampa Marriott 505 Water St. Tampa Florida
  3. Lionheart

    Lionhearts Log: A Lions Tale

    Hi guys and girls ,its about time i got back in the gym today.After 9 week rest its time to rebuild my body and go from there. Training experience: 6 years height:178cm current bodyweight:219lbs or about 99kg first session. chest,triceps,shoulders Benchpress: 4 warmup sets then 2*6 105kg...