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niamke joseph

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Some Top African Bodybuilders

    These are some of the best African bodybuilders! Adesoye Femi is a Nigerian bodybuilder known across the continent. He has participated in many competitions several of which he has actually won (for example, Real Man Nigeria 2011). Many Nigerians adore him, because he is their compatriot...
  2. mike pulcinella

    "Kai Greene: REDEMPTION" director's cut DVD trailer

  3. J

    Jaspar's log - cut is on the way

    Aight, I figured it was about time I started a log for myself. I've been roaming the board for ages now, but haven't been an active user so to say, at least I haven't posted. My name is Jasper, twenty years old and currently residing in Denmark. I started training around August '08 and so far...
  4. C

    First post, Before After pics, (seeking advice on new cut diet)

    Basicly about a year ago, i started careing about my body and what i ate.. so I went on a diet Absolutely no carbs... for a year. went from 310 to 200lbs. With no muscle or little @ all and beeing 6'5" it was decent. Since then i really got into lifting weights and went from 200 to 240. I never...
  5. P

    UK filesharers will be cut off

  6. P

    PS3 Slim & Price Cut announced

    Out in the first week of September. PS3 Slim will be $299. More pics
  7. sexnews

    Big muscles cut cancer risk

    Men with stronger muscles from regular weight training are up to 40 per cent less likely to die from cancer than men who do not pump iron, according to new research. The findings, by an international team of researchers, suggest muscular strength is as important as staying slim and eating...
  8. WIUlifter

    For those of you looking to cut or cutting

    We are proud to announce the complete 8 week Fat Loss Stack (FLS)! With the FLS, you will get ? 2 bags of CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) 2 bottles of Green Tea capsules 1 bottle of DermaTherm Target The FLS is an 8 week stack that will ramp up your metabolism and assist in fat burning when...
  9. P

    unrated directors cut special collectors edition

    Anyone else find it off putting when they put a bunch of extra labels on a movie to help it sell? They usually put in an extra scene that lasts 20 seconds then slap the directors cut title on it. :lurking:
  10. Daniel Andersson

    A cut above

    I just finished watching Jay Cutlers One step closer video..and I took some prints.. This is one of his better showings ever imo..Only 2001 was better, Even though I think he was harder in the glutes and back in 05. This is what he needs to bring to the Olympia once again
  11. Tech

    Dallas Cowboys cut Terrell Owens

    pwnt. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/9292958/Sources:-T.O.%27s-turbulent-time-with-%27Boys-over?GT1=39002 The move to cut Owens comes a season after the team gave him a four-year, $34 million extension that included a $12 million bonus. When asked about now cutting the receiver, one...
  12. pegasus

    President Obama's budget will seek to cut deficit in half

    http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-obama-budget22-2009feb22,0,6668698.story :borat:
  13. Mika

    cut stuck 150

    If anybody knows the best use please write,i used it but only one bootle and i take it every second day 1ml
  14. Big VIC

    Russia may cut off Ukraine's gas

    Russia may cut off Ukraine's gas A Ukrainian gas holding station in Mryn, 130km from Kiev, 16 December Much of the EU's gas from Russia arrives via Ukraine Russian gas giant Gazprom has renewed its threat to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine on 1 January, saying a contract dispute has reached a...
  15. Palmetto

    Cut Diet

    Weight:190 lbs. These breakdowns are what is the recommended breakdown for what I need for every day/meal. I'm gonna get all the foods and get the portions broke down and everything. I plan on doing this diet for 18 weeks adjusting to the weight lost every week. During week 12 I will...
  16. Napol3onator

    Jay Cutler-A Cut Above(full)

    He looks good here..about like his 2001:cool vid, and he knows his shit. http://megavideo.com/?v=6H5CEZ2M
  17. sebbe_o

    The real Deal vs A cut above

    chris vs Jay
  18. Maxmonzter

    Why cut dairy on a cut?

    i´m been wondering this since i heard that i should cut the dairy from my cut around 18 weeks out
  19. H

    Results of a slow and steady cut

    Ive been tryna shift just a little bit more fat for me hols, i think im lookin pretty good although i wudda liked to have had just a tiny bit more off
  20. P

    Why do sandwiches taste better cut in half?

    I can eat the 2 of the same exact sandwiches but the one cut in half always taste better, Why is that? Anyone else feel the same way or am I just weird? :dunnodude: