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olympia amateur south america

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Olympia Amateur South America

    Expo Fitness Presents: Joe Weider's Olympia Amateur South America February 18, 19, 2017 Medellin, Colombia Dexter Jackson(The Blade) will be the special guest!
  2. Natzo

    Akim Williams and Juan Morel Thrash Quads at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym!

  3. Natzo

    Nutrex girls hit the Gym !

    Larissa Reis
  4. Natzo

    Jason Arntz Trains Legs at Apollon Gym in Edison, NJ

  5. Natzo

    Matt Kroczaleski Exhausts Quads at Powerhouse Gym

  6. Natzo

    Storm back from the gym.

    LOl @Storm trying to be Hulk Hogan with the shirt... shame..lolol
  7. tkD

    Max Charles - trains Back at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym

    The guy with crazy claims is back! He's the one with 360 lbs+ preacher curls, 1-2 meals a day, and other insane lifts. In the new vid he claims: -deadlifts with 10 plates per side, and 2 more plates in the middle -same eating habits, 1-2 meals, has a shake every now and then -trains for hours...
  8. Natzo

    800 LBS Squat raw Broz gym

  9. mike pulcinella

    Worlds collide as Kai Greene and Rodney Roller train together at Powerhouse Gym!

    For a while now I've been shooting footage of Kai Greene for MuscleMeds for a third DVD to come out after the Olympia. I've also been shooting Rodney Roller as he prepares for the North Americans for a DVD for Xero Limits. My two projects collided yesterday as both Kai and Rodney trained...
  10. hydro

    Gym Clothing

    Just wondering if any guys in Melbounre (Aus) know of a place that sells Otomix stingray shoes for working out, im not to keen on buying online as i want to try them on etc. Thanks
  11. tkD

    Stan Efferding training at Metroflex gym

  12. A

    DIRECTIONS: To be used in and outta the gym at anytime

  13. fdelval

    gym warcry!

    Despite i smell repost :bitenails:, it might be worth it for new people in the mecca. sYCjxbQHQ3s
  14. tkD

    Toney Freeman at Gumse Gym Sweden

  15. jwill0214

    My School Gym

    This is my school weightlifting club I am about to join... I know bad form in video 1FgR_lncEz8
  16. Big VIC

    Mike Liberatore Trains Legs at Bev's Powerhouse Gym in the Offseason!

    Mike Liberatore Trains Legs at Bev's Powerhouse Gym in the Offseason!
  17. Natzo

    Shelby Starnes Trains DoggCrapp Style at Powerhouse Gym in Highland Park, M

  18. tim290280

    Design Your Own Home Gym

    Check out this fantastic tool. I've spent some time playing with this getting an idea of how big an area and what you can fit in to you own home gym. http://legendfitness.icovia.com/icovia.aspx This can design other stuff too, so you can make it fit in your lounge room if you like!!
  19. F


    -bent over barbell rows (yates style) 5 plates each side for 6 reps -rack incline bench lockouts 5 plates each side for 6 reps -flat barbell bench press 4 plates each side for 6 reps -incline barbell bench press 3 plates + 25 pounds each side for 6 reps -rack pulls deadlift and a shrug at the...
  20. Hypocrisy86

    quitting gym membership also more info

    Quitting my gym membership in a month (had a year contract) gonna get hex dbs, old school concrete ones, and some rubber grip stuff for porch so i can do pull ups on the front porch, gotta re-pay college loan etc, and help out my parents a little. shit is tough.