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patrick tuor

  1. underbody

    Watch Eduardo Correa Pro IFBB and Patrick Tuor in the gym

    Watch Eduardo Correa, Pro IFBB and Patrick Tuor SST(sarcoplasma stimulating method) coach in the gym in New York for a heavy quads training session.
  2. Natzo

    *Official Mr.O top 5 guess & win ....reps!*

    just like the title says. let's get those predictions coming now that we are 1 day out!!! 1- Jay Cutler 2-Phil Heath 3- Kai Greene 4- Dexter Jackson 5-Victor Martinez
  3. Anabolicus

    Guess what...

    ...chickenbutt. E01c0KtzXP4
  4. Natzo

    *Official* NYP top 5 guess & win ....reps!

    Ok guys let's throw in some competition of our own in this NYP. Rules are simple : -first member to guess correctly in order the Open class top five gets reps from Tkd and probably DD. (massive reppage!) -first to guess the 202 top 5 gets reps from me. you can do it by the normal way or do...
  5. D

    TOP 5 Guess & Win for the ASC 2010 is...

    ME! :49: https://musclemecca.com/showpost.php?p=663492&postcount=45
  6. D

    2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro - Top 5 Guess & Win

    Same rules apply, guess the correct top 5 in the correct order and win a rep from myself, nothing much but its better then nothing Line up list
  7. Big04pimpin

    Guess who I worked out with...

    Kinda of a weird day at the gym. I was doing arms on Friday and was blowing through my workout pretty good and I see this guy with a huge red fro. Son of a bitch was pretty big. I look at him a few time and I thought I knew who he was. Then towards the end of my workout he wanted to work in...
  8. D

    New York Pro: Guess the TOP 5 and WIN!

    Guess the correct top 5 for the New York PRO this weekend and i'll rep you (500+ rep points) here is the line up here is my top 5 1 - Markus Ruhl 2 - Silvio 3 - Darrem Charles 4 - Dennis James 5 - Yamagishi
  9. Hypocrisy86

    Guess what!!!!???

    Im going to Japan next spring for 12 days, going with my dad but gonnna chill alone, his high school is going, some Japan, or world group journal shit. since im over 18 i get my own hotel room etc. hoping to bring loads of cash too, get me some cheap dirty hairy asian punani.
  10. D

    Guess The Movie Title With Picture Clues

    Guess The Movie With Pictures Simply and fun game *Use any amount of pictures to use for the movie title here are some to kick start the thread Movie 1: Movie 2
  11. D

    Guess Who???

  12. D

    I Stole Your Protein Powder - Part 2 *Guess & Win*

    I Stole Your Protein Powder Part 2 Guess how meny sachets there is and win a rep point worth 400+ Clue
  13. theweapon

    guess what?

    all week long im a real nobody, and i just punched out and its paycheck friday! weeksends here! good god allmightly! im gonna get drunk and be somebody!!!!!
  14. Big VIC

    Guess who

    Jamie :D
  15. Ironslave

    Musclemecca Olympia contest: Guess right and win.

    ENTER NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! I'm happy to announce the start of the first annual Musclemecca Mr. Olympia pool. We figure since this is the premiere event in the bodybuilding world, we'd put off something to spark some interest and help out with the hype. So, on that note, here are the...
  16. Hypocrisy86

    Guess what? :)

    Well my bro works at this local hamburger place, been so for 8 years soon getting a weeks paid vacation. they had this big screen TV in there, near the bar, (literally every beer around the world) well it was a 48-50inch big screeen i believe?. cant tell old one, least 15years old. still good...
  17. nigster

    Guess who's back!?

    http://blog.flexonline.com/ Check it out. Brandon Curry! 2008: 2007:
  18. P

    Guess the weight of the top IRONMAN contenders.

    Got this idea from flex. All you have to do is guess what the 3 top contenders for the IRONMAN PRO 2008 are going to weigh on the day of the contest. The 3 guys you will guessing the weights of: Phil Heath,Tony Freeman & Gustavo Babell. Example: Phil Heath: 235.5lbs Tony Freeman: 270lbs...
  19. philosopher

    Guess the movie

    I'll post a pic. You have to guess from which movie the pic is. If you got the right awnser its your turn to post a pic.