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  1. Natzo

    Robert Burneika Trains Back 7 Weeks Out from 2010 NPC USA

  2. Natzo

    Steve Kuclo 2010 USA prep

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  3. tkD

    Cedric McMillan 2008 Jr USA vs 2009 Nationals

    I think someone requested it in a thread about 2009 Nationals, here it is..
  4. Adam23

    USA Welterweight Champ Luis Santa Trains Back 2 Weeks Out from the 2009 NPC Nationals

  5. tkD

    Gregg Valentino interview with Victor Martinez @ NPC Eastern USA

  6. Adam23

    Ben White and Mike Liberatore at the 2009 NPC Eastern USA

  7. Adam23

    Chris Buonacore After Winning the 2009 NPC Eastern USA Men's Overall

  8. tkD

    Kai Greene guest posing at the 2009 NPC Eastern USA

    RX pics
  9. Adam23

    Whack Packer Diego Berrio Trains Back 2 Weeks Before 2009 NPC Eastern USA

  10. Adam23

    Mike Camp 1.5 Weeks Before the 2009 NPC Eastern USA

    Kevin English's Trainer, Mike Camp, 1.5 Weeks Before the 2009 NPC Eastern USA! http://www.rxmuscle.com/videos/iatraining/920-mike-camp-15-weeks-before-the-2009-npc-eastern-usa.html
  11. Adam23

    Mike Jirovec Trains Back 1.5 Weeks from the 2009 NPC Eastern USA!

    Mike Jirovec Trains Back 1.5 Weeks from the 2009 NPC Eastern USA! Find out how this 24 year old Type I Diabetic has created a ripped, muscular, physique!
  12. Adam23

    PJ Braun Trains Legs 3 Weeks From the 2009 NPC Eastern USA!

    PJ Braun Trains Legs 3 Weeks From the 2009 NPC Eastern USA at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym. Watch and learn the techniques that PJ has used this past year to bring up legs! http://www.rxmuscle.com/videos/iatraining/891-pj-braun-trains-legs-3-weeks-from-the-2009-npc-eastern-usa.html
  13. tkD

    Victor Martinez guest posing @ Natural Northern USA (Oct 3)

  14. Big VIC

    Pete Ciccone 50 Weeks of Focus - 8/2/2009 Road to 2010 USA

    50 Weeks of Focus - Pete Ciccone's road to the 2010 USA. 2010 - is the year of champions. In this video are clips from his leg and arm workout with one of his training partners, Lou "Big Sexy" Uridel who is also getting ready for competition in the 2010 Tournament of Champions and the 2010...
  15. tkD

    Branden Ray & Mark Alvisi - posing routines from the 09 USA's

    jgQxBa0O438 icOoYlA5jeI another one, better quality for Alvisi u0bfz1O64Qk
  16. formaldeide

    Dexter Jackson 1995 USA Backstage

  17. MarkoB

    2009 NPC USA overall winner Mark Alvisi

  18. dilatedmuscle

    Robert Burneika USA's preview

    Robert Burneika posing and training, he seems to be more ripped than in previous contests. http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/2205/244/
  19. tkD

    Keith Williams - arms training (Road to the USA's)

  20. tkD

    Branden Ray - Road to the USA's

    part 1 - chest http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/2196/244/