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  1. tkD

    The 2017 Mr Olympia Top 10 predictions contest - sponsored by Musclemecca!

    Hi guys! What do you all think about a new guessing game of the 2017 Mr. Olympia? Something like we used to do? For this year Rich & I were thinking of a new guessing & scoring system for this Mr. Olympia. And PRIZES! The rules are the following: * guesses will stop 1 day before the Mr...
  2. Pickle

    UFC 119 Mir vs Crocop

    pretty good card. nothing like two heavyweight legends going at it. anybody giving 35 yr old crocop a chance? I see mirko winning. He will land a few good left kicks to the gut and then finish with a left kick to the head... I hope!
  3. Ironslave

    Frank Mir is full of shit

    he thinks he can out deadlift and squat Lesnar? lol. DsO8NyyEYaU
  4. Lionheart


  5. Ironslave

    Lesnar vs. Mir preview & predictions

    Im an amateur wrestler so I'd like to see Brock pull out the win, but who knows. I know one arm bar and its over in the blink of an eye, but Lesnar is probably one of the freakiest athletes to ever live. Any thoughts on this one?