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  1. KaiGold

    Ivan Rodriguez says he never took steroids

    I call bullshit. Almost all of these guys in professional steroids need a little boost. What do you think? Ivan Rodriguez says there's a reason they call him Pudge, stocky and strong via hard work in the gym during his Texas Rangers career, not performance-enhancing drugs Pudge again says he...
  2. P

    ???16??2033??? Has earned his/her respect

    Its been a very long time since anyone has had their status changed to respected. On 2009, we will all know who has earned respect.
  3. P

    Respect will be earned on Dec 31 2008 (12am GMT - London time)

    Next member to be inducted into the respected user group will be on...... Jan 1 2009. Its not that far away. :carduindisguise p.s. We are always evaluating the current respected members to make sure they are up to standards for this group. :spy: