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  1. TalkAdmin

    Venice Beach Bodybuilding TV Series Coming with Dwayne Johnson!

    The Rock is working on a new tv series called Muscle beach which takes place in California at Muscle beach in Venice! the series takes place in the 80's! Dwayne Johnson: The Rock(Dwayne Johnson) Muscle Beach from Long Ago: Strangely enough Arnold Schwarzenegger is also doing a tv...
  2. MuscleMecca Crew

    Arnold Schwarzenegger in a new tv show called Pump!

    Yep, it is true! Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in a new CBS tv show called Pump! Pump is rumored be all about Arnold's bodybuilding days before 1973! This should be awesome! Arnold Schwarzenegger Here are a few pics of Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the day! Sources...
  3. Natzo

    Rx Power Hour radio - ANDY BOLTON

  4. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio #81- Ed Conners AND Tim Gardner

    Former Gold's Gym Venice owner Ed Conners tells some unbelievable stories from his 3 decades in the iron game! PBW Tampa Bay Pro Show Contest Promoter Tim Garner comes on to discuss his life and what it takes to promote a pro bodybuilding show! On-Demand Replays and Podcasts will be available...
  5. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio #80- Mel Chancey AND Jim Magnone (AKA Disgusted)

    Want to hear OFF-TOPIC LIVE? Go here and click the LISTEN LIVE LINK Super Human Radio - The World's First Broadcast Radio Show Dedicated to Human Performance Replays of Off-Topic will be available within 24 hours after the live broadcast! Former Prez of the Hell's Angels, Mel Chancey and King...
  6. Natzo

    Stay tuned for Heavy Muscle Radio more Wolf prep!

    IFBB Pro Patrick Tuor was Dennis Wolf's prep coach for the 2010 New York Pro where the Big Bad Wolf placed 3rd. Dennis was so disappointed in Patrick that he vowed to never use another contest-guru in the future. Patrick comes on and clears the air about what really happened, what went wrong...
  7. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio #62- Mike Liberatore AND Quincy Taylor

    IFBB Pro Michael Liberatore joins Carl & Aaron to talk about what happened at the 2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro! Also joining OFF TOPIC is regular guest and fellow competitor at this past weekends pro show, IFBB Pro Quincy Taylor! On-Demand Replays and Podcasts will be available 24/7 for your convenience.
  8. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio #57- John Romano, Jason Genova, and IFBB Pro DeShaun Grimez

    JOHN ROMANO joins Off-Topic to talk about the decision to remove THE PIT from RXMUSCLE, as well as setting the record straight on issues pertaining to his personal life that were made public! Jason Genova has proclaimed himself to be, "a true warrior at my sport which is bodybuilding." Never...
  9. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio and ALRI boadcast LIVE from NPC Nationals

    First Broadcast- After Pre-judging (approx 7pm EST): Interviews with: -PJ Braun -Steve Kulco -Shelby Starnes -Big Sean Allen -Quincy Taylor -Jason Huh -Tamer El-Guindy -Malichi Walker -Sally Anne Talyor -Petty Devers and many more.... During the night show: LIVE audio play-by-play of the...
  10. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio #44- 6x Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle and Dave Pulcinella

    OFF TOPIC Radio #44- Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle AND Dave Pulcinella - This is not your typical interview. We get real personal with Iris Kyle. Dave Pulcinella is one of the funniest guest we have on the show every time. Lots of laughs.
  11. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio #42- Author L. Rea takes CALL-IN Questions PLUS PJ Braun returns

    Want to hear OFF-TOPIC LIVE? Click on this link (http://www.superhumanradio.com/mp3button/wimpy_shoutcast_button.htm) and tune in WEDNESDAY night at 8pm EST. Replays of Off-Topic will be available shortly after the live broadcast. Author L. Rea and Laina J will be on the show to answer...
  12. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio #41- Teen National Champ Uriah McGee and Infamous Vince Goodrum

    Teen National Champion and RXMUSCLE Board Member Uriah McGee joins Off-Topic! Aaron put up the vote and you guys asked for it: VINCE GOODRUM makes an appearance with Carl and Aaron! Click here to join the party: http://www.offtopicradio.com On-Demand Replays and Podcasts will be available...
  13. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio #40- IFBB Pro Jose Raymond and Publisher/writer Steve Colescott

    202 competitor IFBB Pro Jose Raymond joins Carl & Aaron! Also checking in to OFF-TOPIC is RxMuscle contributor and former publisher of Peak Performance Journal, Steve Colescott. Click here to join the party: http://www.offtopicradio.com On-Demand Replays and Podcasts will be available 24/7...
  14. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC Radio #39- IFBB PRO John Hodgson and Super Moderation SallyAnne

    IFBB Pro John Hodgson calls in from the United Kingdom to chat it up with the boys. Plus RXMUSCLE.COM's own Super Sexy Scrumptious Salacious SallyAnne is going to give Carl and Aaron alot to talk to about, so you wont want to miss this episode of OFF TOPIC!
  15. Aaron Singerman

    OFF TOPIC #38- Blockhead (Big Nation Radio) and BLP

    OFF TOPIC #38- Blockhead formerly of Big Nation Radio joins Carl & Aaron to tell us what he's been up to. Plus, the always controversial, always interesting and never at a loss for words BLP returns! This time, he'll tell us about the movie business, sex, and STDs, and whatever else he can...
  16. Zigurd

    Radio friendly song

  17. tkD

    Mike Liberatore stops at Team MD radio

    http://www.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/1436/184/ To be honest, the old MD radio was a lot better, just listen to Robbie's voice lol.
  18. B


    In addition to a new website as pointed out in SICK's post they will also be hosting their own show starting tonight @ 19:00 hrs, EST Which is midnight GMT. And ............ the podcast will be available IMMEDIATELY. :thumbsup2: http://www.rxmuscle.com/heavy-muscle-radio.html Or see the link...
  19. Daniel Andersson

    NO BULL RADIO: Shawn Ray, Hany Rambod, and Jimmy Pellechia

  20. lifterdead

    Ron Paul on the Radio

    Some good shit. http://www.lewrockwell.com/podcast/?p=episode&name=2008-12-23_089_there_is_hope.mp3