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  1. KaiGold

    Pushpinder to represent India in Asian bodybuilding

    STATE TIMES NEWS JAMMU: Ace bodybuilder of the State, Pushpinder Bharti is going to represent India third time in Mr Asia 2017 in the forthcoming Asian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (AFBF) Championship to be held from 18th to 20th May 2017 at Ulaanbaatarr, Mangolia. Speaker, Legislative...
  2. PrinceVegeta

    TNA wrestling

    Anyone watching TNA? Must say, the wrestling is better, but the WWE still offers more entertainment Since Hogan and Bischoff started running things, lots of old guys gettin run, but this only serves to bring back the old WCW fans. Better show then WWE raw? no, smackdown....not yet...NXT or...
  3. Tech

    TNA Wrestling. 4realz.

  4. P

    Wrestling isn't fake.

    Its still real to me damn it. aU9M3ECP61Q :rofl3:
  5. Samoan-Z

    Wrestling Bloopers

    After seeing an earlier thread of a wrestling bloopers I wanted to share this vid.. TlJ5HZLiSJg&NR=1
  6. P

    Pro Wrestling

  7. wrestling lyon

    wrestling lyon's log of terror

    so I just got a gym membership and starting to workout again i've been held back the past few months with injuries but now i'm good to go today I just took it easy to work into the groove again barbell bench press 115X12 135X10 135X8 135X8 incline db flyes 15X10 20X10 20X10 20X10
  8. JS316

    Full Contact arm wrestling

    So many questions..... :wutyousay: It's sponsored by under amour as well. Most insane sport ever.... uFvql-O1GWQ
  9. P

    Wrestling Rap Video

    :uhoh2: Gdcs5TAmmW8
  10. Chesticles

    Florida Championship Wrestling Said To Be A Mess

    WWE's developmental league Florida Championship Wrestling is still loaded with problems to say the least. Some people are calling it the new "Deep South," which isn't a good thing as it's being compared to WWE's former developmental system Deep South Wrestling. Last year, WWE officials pulled...
  11. P

    Barack vs. Hillary in a wrestling match.

    So f^$king retarded. 8WWHLZNEmN0
  12. Chesticles

    News On Bobby Lashley's Latest Venture (Not MMA or Pro Wrestling)

    Former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley has opened up an online supplement company called Lashley Nutrition. His company sells protein shake products, creatine, fat burners, testosterone boosters, meal replacements and several other supplements at wholesale prices. The website features the following...
  13. P

    Wrestling in Japan(sick)

    Those crazy Japanese are at it again. :uhoh2: This is from an interview with Chris Jericho Q:Wrestling in Japan is a lot more intense than it is in America, isn’t it? CJ:In Japan, the rookies have to wash the older guys’ asses and backs. Then they wash all the gear, set up the ring and watch...