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rad 140

  1. tkD

    Silvio Samuel - Attack of the machines

    Chest training http://www.flexonline.com/videos/?bcpid=17320904001&bclid=1459293934&bctid=67561791001
  2. tkD

    Silvio Samuel skipping the 2010 Arnold!

    Silvio Samuel will not compete in the 2010 Arnold Classic December 29, 2009 FLEXONLINE.COM For the first time in four years, Silvio Samuel will be skipping the Arnold Classic. Samuel, who has placed in the top six in three consecutive Arnolds (6th in 2007, 5th in 2008 and 2009) will target...
  3. S

    Silvio Samuel guestposing, Bahrain

    Check out some fresh pics of Silvio in Bahrain, from MD.pl
  4. tkD

    Silvio Samuel guest posing in SA, Texas

  5. J

    Melvin Anthony vs Silvio Samuel - Mr.Olympia 2009

    What do you think?
  6. tkD

    Silvio Samuel 2 weeks out from the Olympia

  7. The King Of Lurkers

    Flex Magazine Cover Silvio Samuel

    You guys know the drill TKD and i make tons of this threads (By the way look at that Tricep:bitenails:)
  8. durantb

    Silvio Samuel at The Texas Round Up on Aug 1

    hopefully it show up
  9. tkD

    Silvio Samuel guest posing - AZ State Bodybuilding 2009

    july 18 uU2qYrgupkw
  10. COACH


  11. tkD

    Silvio Samuel squashes retirement rumors

  12. X-Man

    The Silvio Samuel Evolution

    The Silvio Samuel Evolution 2008 Arnold Classic vs. 2009 Iron Man Pro vs. 2009 Arnold Classic
  13. sexnews

    Silvio 4 days out

    They say this is Silvio 4 days out
  14. D

    2009 Arnold Training Series: Silvio Samuel

    2009 ARNOLD TRAINING SERIES: SILVIO SAMUEL Silvio Samuel's superb conditioning is only part of the equation for his show-stopping hams Silvio Samuel - always busy and seldom silent - will have the luxury of being the year's only pro show winner at the Arnold Classic in a few weeks. But the...
  15. D

    Dennis Wolf "Hungry Like A Wolf" With Silvio Samuel,Hidetada Yamagishi

    jSoGTc4RbM0 z9YEr-Jkt9w np1nktoUskI iYmRxpSvCSU erdAt5jUo2k CYVc5zPBw2A gIIP9tyQBng fnc6nemYkCk XyD2u-6RgJI
  16. D

    Silvio Samuel: The Next Big Thing DVD

    Silvio Samuel - The Next Big Thing kbY2gf39kmo JEiEPyNu9Q8 eZp-60LkOSg N6jEXZn2MJk 30wMCRn38_8 ij_NgbLGXEU xmKFAy4TH1E xqm67Ic8gNU OCCv_j95gkc rUGI-JA9jg8 oHjPhPlqlUQ uDJ4tukaKyU CmsFZYZ9B5E nH7JG2TPGSg NV6CUElLjig OpUmUsHQ6HI hIQg8GZOz18 Crf56bDD8AM vhy41ZNdIb4 a-0hh7IkN5w kgrrwo_VTQw...
  17. tkD

    Silvio Samuel video from 2001

  18. tkD

    Silvio Samuel wins first show of '09 season

    2009 IRONMAN PRO FINAL REPORT Results: 2009 IRONMAN PRO FINAL RESULTS 1. Silvio Samuel* 2. Moe El Moussawi* 3. Ronny Rockel* 4. Hidetada Yamagishi* 5. Ahmad Haidar* 6. Eddie Abbew 7. Mohammad Bannout 8. Mark Dugdale 9. Marcus Haley 10. Johnnie Jackson 11. Troy Alves 12. Oliver Adzievski 13...
  19. DCuts85

    Ironman Results: Congrats Silvio

    10. Johnnie Jackson 9. Marcus Haley 8. Mark Dugdale 7. Mo Beniout 6. Eddie Abew 5. Ahmad Haidar 4. Hidetada Yamagishi 3. Ronny Rockel 2. Moe Elmoussawi 1. Silvo Samuel
  20. tkD

    Silvio Samuel vs. Ronny Rockel vs. Moe Elmoussawi IronMan 09

    This is in my opinion now, the top 3 at the IM 09. Ronny Rockel is closer to the camera, sry about that, i've made it in a hurry :turborun: and no front lat spread for Moe, don't know why so who do you think will win now? my pick is Silvio.