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rad140 function

  1. O

    25 years old 1 86 cm 78 kg 2 years progress

    Good and Bad? What Do You Think? http://www.baamba.com/viewer.php?file=06578690000562319787.jpg http://www.baamba.com/viewer.php?file=20665555625377641615.jpg http://www.baamba.com/viewer.php?file=68742981593323952515.jpg http://www.baamba.com/viewer.php?file=60680493650732224940.jpg...
  2. L

    3 years progress from turkey

    hello friends my names is samet i living turkey my body sizes arms 43 cm (bulk 45-46) shoulder 139 cm tits 119 waist 84 cm my kg 85 my heigh 1 78 cm rates me please
  3. Hypocrisy86

    Steves amazing progress (soon)

    Coming soon.
  4. !Freakzilla

    My latest picture progress

    This is my last pictures progress of my back and side chest, i have drop down some bodyfat and shed some water retention. For my next progress (in 3 month )i'll show you my six pack,obliques and adonis belt :thumbsup2:
  5. tkD

    Dennis James's progress: 06 vs 07 vs 09

    2006 Mr Olympia - 9th place 2007 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro - 8th place 2009 Arnold Classic - 7th place
  6. H

    Progress Baby

    progress in two years, first pic was wen i was 16/nearly 17 recent pic was taken week ago now just turned 19
  7. peterknowles25

    Pete's progress so far

    A few new ones, will be keeping you guys posted:
  8. Maxmonzter

    new progress pics

    i hope i lost some bf
  9. A


    Can anyone see any progress between the two pictures? I feel my body getting harder and loosing fat, but I don't think it shows on the photos. What part shoul I work on: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/img/user_images/447079/progresspic/759492orig.jpg
  10. !Freakzilla

    My progress pic

    My progress pic
  11. Mr.Olympia 2008

    Gustavo's progress to the IRONMAN 08

    4-3-2 weeks out.
  12. Tech

    Ron Paul campaign progress report

  13. ironheart

    ironheart - in progress.

    Tuesday 22/01 - 08 i'v been struggling with a back injury for some time now but i think i'm getting bakc on track. had my first full leg workout in a long time today. so here's how it went: started with squats - wormup with the bar - 25 reps then went up to - 60kg - 2 sets - 10 reps...