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  1. tkD

    Phil Heath - 2012 vs 2013 Mr Olympia progress

    For this comparison I thought it's better to have its own thread. So here it is, Phil Heath's progress from 2012 to 2013. What did he improved on and what are your opinions? I'll add daily one pic.
  2. O

    25 years old 1 86 cm 78 kg 2 years progress

    Good and Bad? What Do You Think? http://www.baamba.com/viewer.php?file=06578690000562319787.jpg http://www.baamba.com/viewer.php?file=20665555625377641615.jpg http://www.baamba.com/viewer.php?file=68742981593323952515.jpg http://www.baamba.com/viewer.php?file=60680493650732224940.jpg...
  3. L

    3 years progress from turkey

    hello friends my names is samet i living turkey my body sizes arms 43 cm (bulk 45-46) shoulder 139 cm tits 119 waist 84 cm my kg 85 my heigh 1 78 cm rates me please
  4. Hypocrisy86

    Steves amazing progress (soon)

    Coming soon.
  5. !Freakzilla

    My latest picture progress

    This is my last pictures progress of my back and side chest, i have drop down some bodyfat and shed some water retention. For my next progress (in 3 month )i'll show you my six pack,obliques and adonis belt :thumbsup2:
  6. tkD

    Dennis James's progress: 06 vs 07 vs 09

    2006 Mr Olympia - 9th place 2007 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro - 8th place 2009 Arnold Classic - 7th place
  7. H

    Progress Baby

    progress in two years, first pic was wen i was 16/nearly 17 recent pic was taken week ago now just turned 19
  8. peterknowles25

    Pete's progress so far

    A few new ones, will be keeping you guys posted:
  9. Maxmonzter

    new progress pics

    i hope i lost some bf
  10. A


    Can anyone see any progress between the two pictures? I feel my body getting harder and loosing fat, but I don't think it shows on the photos. What part shoul I work on: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/img/user_images/447079/progresspic/759492orig.jpg
  11. !Freakzilla

    My progress pic

    My progress pic
  12. Mr.Olympia 2008

    Gustavo's progress to the IRONMAN 08

    4-3-2 weeks out.
  13. Tech

    Ron Paul campaign progress report

  14. ironheart

    ironheart - in progress.

    Tuesday 22/01 - 08 i'v been struggling with a back injury for some time now but i think i'm getting bakc on track. had my first full leg workout in a long time today. so here's how it went: started with squats - wormup with the bar - 25 reps then went up to - 60kg - 2 sets - 10 reps...