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  1. Lionheart

    Moe El Moussawi in TV News

    Dont know if this been posted before. Moe El Moussawi sounds like a smart guy. Moe gets interviewed by NZ TV
  2. D

    Moe Elmoussawi Signs with Weider

    El Moussawi Signs with Weider Moe Elmoussawi signs contract with Weider Publications
  3. tkD

    2009 Arnold Training Series: Moe El Moussawi

    El Moussawi's mighty shoulder routine for the '09 Arnold Moe El Moussawi charges into the 2009 Arnold Classic on March 7th propelled by serious momentum thanks to a strong runner-up finish to Silvio Samuel at the first show of the new year, the Ironman Pro. El Moussawi is confident that he...
  4. tkD

    Silvio Samuel vs. Ronny Rockel vs. Moe Elmoussawi IronMan 09

    This is in my opinion now, the top 3 at the IM 09. Ronny Rockel is closer to the camera, sry about that, i've made it in a hurry :turborun: and no front lat spread for Moe, don't know why so who do you think will win now? my pick is Silvio.
  5. D


    LINK: **click here** El Moussawi fires back at Samuel before the 2009 Ironman Pro By Dave Lee January 23, 2009 FLEXONLINE Things are heating up for the 2009 Ironman Pro, thanks to Moe El Moussawi and Silvio Samuel. El Moussawi wasn’t too happy with Samuel’s comments, posted right here on...
  6. tkD

    Moe Elmoussawi 4 Weeks out from the Ironman

    Looks good and already in contest shape. more here : http://www.flexonline.com/elmoussawi_four_weeks_out/news/638
  7. P

    Moe El Moussawi sneak preview Mr O 2008

    Moe El Moussawi Enjoy my friends!
  8. COACH


    enjoy friends .. :-))
  9. Lionheart

    Moe Elmoussawi guestposing in NPC Pittsburgh

  10. P

    Moe El Moussawi - 4 weeks out Ironman Pro

  11. Mr.Olympia 2008

    Moe El Moussawi - 5 weeks out (IRONMAN PRO)

    Heres what he looked like last year at the 2007 IRONMAN PRO.