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sadik hadzovik

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Sadik Hadzovik's Comeback To Bodybuilding

    Building a successful name for oneself takes time. In a similar vein, building an amazing body takes time too. Achieving a name and a great body requires consistency and hard work. Sadik Hadzovik has been able to pull this off at a young age, and he's coming back for more. Nobody ever has it...
  2. rxmuscle

    52 Year Old Dexter Jackson still sharp!

    52-Year Old Blade Still SHARP Regan Grimes at WORK Sadik COMEBACK Update!
  3. MuscleMecca Crew

    Sadik Hadzovic Updates and Bio

    Welcome to Sadik Hadzovic Official Updates! Here you will find out the latest news on Sadik! Sadic was born June 8, 1987! Here is Sadik Hadzovik a few hours ago! Sadic Hadzovic Bodybuilding Competitions: 2nd Place NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix 2011 3rd Place NPC Eastern USA’s 2011 1st Place &...
  4. dilatedmuscle


    Is it ok to put your glutamine inside your creatine? when do u guys take your seperate glutamine?
  5. The Creator

    Glutamine discussion thread

    I know that KM has made a lot of good points lately about glutamine and how its mostly ineffective. He pm'd me a couple studies that proved this point for strength and repair in the short term. I have since done some research myself and the only real beneficial studies that I could find were...
  6. allstar

    Glutamine Article-Great Read

    Sorry its long, but it definitly is informative. Glutamine: The Basics For those of you who are new to the concept of glutamine supplementation, you should know that it's a non-essential amino acid created largely by our muscles. It's also noteworthy that glutamine is the most abundant free...

    Company to trust for Creatine and GLutamine??

    Was planning on taking creatine mono and glutamine when I start my bulk was wondering what company you suggest for quality grade creatine and glutamine, I don't want to end up buying some low grade creatine or glutamine because it looks real cheap.
  8. Fatality

    Glutamine and bulking.

    Many people say that L-Glutamine has no place in bulking, but I beg to differ. It has many benefits, in this article I will name them. L-Glutamine, also just called, glutamine, is the most abundant free form amino acid in your body. L-Glutamine levels can become depleted with hard training, thus...
  9. A

    Glutamine yes or no?

    Ive been reading a lot of different views on glutamine. But what do you guys think. Does it have enough benefids to use it..?