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sara heimis

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Rich Piana Bodybuilding Bio

    Rich Piana started bodybuilding at age 11! He was very heavily influenced by Bill Cambra. Rich is not just a bodybuilder but also an actor! He was on Scrubs and Ripley's believe it or not. He also was in Tim Muriello and Rich Piana Interviews and Mutant, Leaving Humanity Behind. Rich Piana even...
  2. DeQu


    HEATH TO SKIP THE ARNOLD Will focus on Olympia only in 2011 December 13, 2010 FLEXONLINE.COM Phil Heath has decided to skip major competitions before. But none of those decisions was tougher than his most recent: to sit out the 2011 Arnold Classic to focus solely on being his best ever at the...
  3. smcfay

    Phil Heath from trinidad and tobago

    From his twitter account. Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
  4. tkD

    Phil Heath - Muscletech's "60 seconds" vids

    Cool vids, oh and those arms!!!..
  5. Pickle

    BAM, Phil Heath is in Australia!

    Wheres the news for this? I just saw on his twitter he will be in Sydney soon? Is he doing a guest pose? Guys updates!
  6. tkD

    Phil Heath, Victor Martinez & Gunter Schlierkamp latest guest appearances

  7. rille

    Phil heat - painting!

  8. tkD

    Phil & Jay pic from 2003

    Posted by Phil on twitter: ..and 7 years later they're the best 2 bb'ers in the world Also, Phil's HQ quality posing routine from bb.com:
  9. tkD

    Olympia Elite on ESPN2 (Phil, Dex, Wolf, Kai)

    Saw this earlier today on Flex..
  10. dilatedmuscle

    New Phil Heath Pic?

    Idk when this was taken, saw it posted on another forum. Looking freaky!
  11. Salt

    Phil Heath Juli 10th

    Louisiana Championships.
  12. Natzo

    Best Phil tibute

    Best Phil tribute
  13. tkD

    KAI vs. PHIL: Face Off For The Olympia Cover

  14. The King Of Lurkers

    Kai and Phil at FLEX Headquarters

    The top two contenders to the Olympia title in the same place, at the same time, for the first time ever. That was the situation a week ago, when Kai Greene and Phil Heath came to the Weider offices in Woodland Hills, California for a day of video and stills, plus a flexonline.com exclusive from...
  15. tkD

    Phil Heath signs with MUSCLETECH!

    Not official yet, but I'm sure it will be confirmed soon...or maybe Phil replies here on mecca hehe
  16. MrChewiebitums

    Phil heath - Early days

    just one phil photo i have never seen before
  17. dilatedmuscle

    Phil Heath and Robert Burneika train arms.

    afOA7AljVig Both have tiny arms....
  18. Storm

    Phil Heath's next DVD new trailer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q7hn4Dbw_s 0q7hn4Dbw_s from the man himself: http://twitter.com/PHILHEATH/statuses/13792925635 Enjoy (front squats lol)
  19. tkD

    Phil Heath - newest DVD trailer leaked!

    Phillip Heath :: Official Website JpWLxogshY4
  20. tkD

    Phil Heath signs a contract extension with Weider Publications