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sara piana

  1. Storm

    Phil Heath: "they've definitely gotten bigger"

    His last update on twitter: "just killed arms. they've definitely gotten bigger since last year thank goodness!" http://twitter.com/PHILHEATH :turborun::turborun::turborun::turborun::turborun: Can't wait for the Arnold...
  2. tkD

    FLEXTREME MAKEOVER episode 2 - Phil Heath

    Video http://www.flexonline.com/videos/?bcpid=17320904001&bclid=26962895001&bctid=63313898001
  3. smcfay

    Phil Heath: From point gaurd to Iron Man Pro

    Sorry if this is a repost EQgYf9IezAo
  4. tkD

    Phil Heath will compete in the 2010 Arnold Classic!

    Phil Heath is going to Columbus, announcing in a text message today that he will compete in the 2010 Arnold Classic. The message read: "I'm in." Heath has been quiet in recent months, since placing fifth at the 2009 Olympia. A stomach virus hit Heath hard 24 hours before the Friday prejudging...
  5. tkD

    Phil Heath visits Ed Hardy's warehouse

    From.. http://boards.flexonline.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2541&sid=cd9c245954580b2355c87e0f7f65ef42
  6. Serafin

    Phil Heath in Poland

    Me and the Gift: Never before have I met such an approachable professional athlete!
  7. tkD

    VIDEO: Rambod on Heath's Olympia illness

  8. 8thWonder

    Phil Heath Guestposing NPC San Fransisco

    From MD http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2451&Itemid=173
  9. Flex

    Branch Warren, Phil Heath, & Kai Greene after the Olympia

    Just a quick video of them leaving the Orleans arena. I see Flex Wheeler at the end interviewing Kai Greene, everyone is still waiting to see that interview. I want it now!!! I guess this is the most we have of Kai Greene post-Olympia for right now. YAD_8iyEUac
  10. tkD

    Phil Heath 2009 Mr. Olympia (Prejudging vs Finals)

    So where does he look better? prejudging of finals?
  11. HeavyWeight_86

    Phil Heath 2009 Mr. O routine

    Can someone give a working link? It's been removed from both youtube and muscletube
  12. curtisymoo

    Phil Heath Guest Posing - 7/18/09

  13. tkD

    Heath admits to precontest issues - Video interview

    Video here
  14. SerbMarko

    Phil Heath- the hype?

    the hype with Phil Heath seemed to have died down after the pre-judging, do you think based on so many guys bring a newer and more improved package is causing this? I think Phil looks the same as he did last year, i think the lack of improvements is what will keep him out of the top 3...
  15. tkD

    Phil Heath vs Kai Greene - 2009 Mr Olmypia

    Phil vs. Kai, from the 09 O, here it is. Discuss.
  16. Adam23

    Jay Cutler Phil Heath- Day n Night

    here is a nice vid of Phil and Jay training together :thumbsup2: /v/KAkyUJEAStA&hl
  17. tkD

    Phil Heath's new website!

    http://www.phillipheath.com/ new pics, stats, etc. 2008 Mr O STATS: * Arms: 22 * Legs: 32 * Calves: 20 * Neck: 18.5 * Waist: 29
  18. tkD

    Olympia Clash of the Titans: Heath vs Levrone

    The eighth in our Olympia Clash of the Titans series features reigningPhil "The Gift" Heath and Kevin "The Maryland Muscle Machine" Levrone. NAME: Phil Heath HEIGHT: 5'9" WEIGHT: 240 pounds OLYMPIA HISTORY: 2008, 3rd NAME: Kevin Levrone HEIGHT: 5'9" WEIGHT: 240 pounds OLYMPIA HISTORY...
  19. tkD

    Phil Heath Phase V video!!

    Video http://www.flexonline.com/videos/?bcpid=17320904001&bclid=1459293934&bctid=40510385001
  20. tkD

    Phil Heath's thoughts on upcoming 2009 Mr Olympia

    Interview with Phil, from bb.com Is The Gift Ready To Take The Olympia Crown? [ Q ] You have mentioned in the past you have got what it takes to beat Dexter. Will 2009 be the year you apply that prediction? Absolutely. I feel that each year I get closer and closer to beating...