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sara piana

  1. tkD

    Phil Heath PHASE IV - video

    Link to video, http://www.flexonline.com/videos/?bcpid=17320904001&bclid=1459293934&bctid=36187652001
  2. jwill0214

    Phil Heath trip to Boston blog

    August 24, 2009 My Trip to Boston Hey all! Just got back from my trip to Bosta, MA to meet our newest winner of the Flextreme Makeover. Markus Ricci was the winner and may I say he was very excited to have us come out. I got a chance to hang out with him at his gym where he's a personal...
  3. smcfay

    Team Heath

    Can someone please add me to team heath?
  4. jwill0214

    Phil Heath short blog

    August 18, 2009 Someone's getting a visit from The Gift! Hey guys, just wanted to chime in real quick and let everyone know that someone is gonna get paid a visit by yours truly this week for the Flextreme Makeover. I am very excited to meet and train with the winner and also discuss some new...
  5. RealDeal2099

    Phil Heath - 2009 Mr. Olympia Fifth Place?

    I've seen a number of predictions for the 2009 Olympia that place Dexter, Jay, Kai, and Victor as low as fourth or fifth place. These four guys share a few things in common: they have all won the Arnold, placed as high as second in the O (except for Kai, who is making his debut), and have not...
  6. P

    Phil Heath and Ricky Hatton

    Not sure if these have been posted. I think they are from 2007.
  7. tkD

    PHIL HEATH phase III video

    http://www.flexonline.com/phil_heath_video/news/857 Link to vid, http://www.flexonline.com/videos/?bcpid=17320904001&bclid=1459293934&bctid=32672678001
  8. Berry

    Team Heath

    Can someone add me to team Heath please.
  9. jwill0214

    Phil Heath Blog

    flexonline.com Yo! Hey all! Just wanted to let everyone know what I'm doing and how I am doing. Well, I'm sure many are wondering my physical condition since this past weekend's showing and I am here to let all know that I am A-OK! This was an event that was extremely scary for mostly everyone...
  10. The King Of Lurkers

    Next Flex Magazine Cover featuring Phil Heath!!!

    Wich month do you think this is? And wich one is your favorite
  11. tkD

    Phil Heath guestposing in Colorado State Bodybuilding

    July 18th PzbHo3UHUzQ
  12. 8thWonder

    Phil Heath 13 Weeks to Glory Phase II

    Phil talking about his prep and trains chest, great for all Phil-fans! http://www.flexonline.com/videos?bctid=29888555001&bclid=1459293934 From flexonline.com Peace
  13. tkD

    Phil Heath - Massachusetts appearance

    July 8th 7ITxOyQO0qU
  14. MrChewiebitums

    Find Phil heath Challange

    http://photos.denverpost.com/photogalleries/nuggets09/index.html#id=album-5153&num=142444 A little challange.. find phil heath in the photo...
  15. Adam23

    Phil Heath

    here is a nice vid of phil heath !!! check it out guy's :thumbsup2: /v/EHpxwojDNwA&hl
  16. Adam23


    the next MR OLYMPIA baby :turborun: /v/PvAQ2YqaXiY&hl
  17. tkD

    Phil Heath - 13 weeks to glory

    Phase 1, http://www.flexonline.com/news/805 Video
  18. Natzo

    Phil heath 12 weeks out, at mm fair oaks

  19. tkD

    Phil Heath "The Gift: Unwrapped" - new tease trailer

  20. tkD

    Phil Heath's Pro debut win - Colorado Pro 2006