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  1. Natzo

    *MUST SEE* - Bikini Battle! Heather Clay vs Ingrid Romero

  2. tkD

    2010 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions - updates

    Europa Battle of Champions Place: Hartford, CONNECTICUT Date: July 23-25 Prize: 20,000$ + ring Qualifications of the O: 3 Official site Europa Battle of Champions
  3. dilatedmuscle

    Worlds Best Rap Battle

  4. tkD

    Toney Freeman's Armed for Battle

  5. tkD

    Battle for the 2010 Phoenix Pro! *preview*

    Just for the hype going into the show between a few bb'ers that I think are the "big" names in Phoenix. Scaling is way off as you can see, but it doesn't matter since it's a quick preview of the Phoenix Pro. From left to right: 1st line: Toney, Quincy, Lionel, Melvin 2nd line: Troy...
  6. tkD

    Bodybuilding - The Battle for the 90´s

    New from Zhasni 5K6eB2Rf2Ds
  7. dilatedmuscle

    Bro's VS Pro's Battle of the Bench

    $2000 Brutal Alchemy Bros vs Pros "Battle of the Bench"! http://rxmuscle.com/videos/c-interviews/1118-2000-brutal-alchemy-bros-vs-pros-qbattle-of-the-benchq.html
  8. Adam23

    Battle for the NPC Heavyweight Crown Comparisons

    Jeff Long vs Lee Banks; Fred Smalls vs PD Devers comparisons Photos by Per Bernal and Jeff Binns! http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/2560/256/
  9. tkD

    Battle for the LHW class - 2009 Nationals

  10. tkD

    2009 NPC Nationals battle of the Light Heavyweights!

  11. Natzo


    I know Adam posted some similar to this, but i searched and the video has been removed. So I don't know if this has different music or images. Always good to watch nontheless. Bhwz5bAyCcQ
  12. Natzo

    Battle for The Golden Age of Bodybuilding

  13. Adam23


    here is some motivation for you guys :thumbsup2: /v/ARxYaHNJkPI&hl
  14. Adam23

    Battle for The Golden Age of Bodybuilding

    another awesome vid by zhasni !!! check it out guy's :thumbsup2: /v/P4xhkNAPL3M&hl
  15. El Freako

    A battle of the Strength Sports

    A comparison of strength sports from T-nation. I'm not posting it in article form as the comparison tables won't come out right. A good read. http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/battle_of_the_strength_sports
  16. COACH


    1. Salvatori Orazio, 3 poeng 2. Tommi Thorvildsen, 7 poeng 3. Jamel Elgharbi, 8 poeng 4. Bonac William, 12 poeng 5. Diego Martines, 17 poeng 6. Mario Kapser, 19 poeng 7. Lorenzo Gallo, 19 poeng 8. Fabio Paoloni, 23 poeng 9. Maggiore Corrado, 26 poeng ..Winner Salvatori Orazio
  17. tkD

    Dennis James guest poser at Chattanooga, TN - Battle at the River

    zQGVJP0gZOY YdSA4cEY_2c
  18. curtisymoo

    Sami Al Haddad Battle of Giants 2007 Norway

  19. D

    Melvin Anthony in a breakdance battle in Firenze, Italy

    http://www.biggertube.com/video/105/Melvin-Anthony-in-a-breakdance-battle-in-Firenze-Italy :headbang: Go melvin GO MELVIN :hyperguy:
  20. D

    1975 Mr. Olympia - THE LAST BATTLE - Arnold X Lou X Serge

    Overall Winner: Arnold Schwarzenegger HeavyWeight 1 Arnold Schwarzenegger 2 Serge Nubret 3 Lou Ferrigno LightWeight 1 Franco Columbu 2 Ed Corney 3 Albert Beckles 4 Frank Zane 5 Giuseppe Deiana