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  1. D

    What's Your Favourite Type of Porn Category

    What's Your Favourite Porn Category If Thread is inappropriate, i'll move it to the V.I.P Section Multi Voting is available
  2. sexnews

    New type of protein

    Don't know what will come from it, but I am sure Tim will enjoy the read: Proteins By Design: Biochemists Create New Protein From Scratch No doubt proteins are complex. Most are “large” and full of interdependent branches, pockets and bends in their final folded structure. This complexity...
  3. bambam55

    New type of Training

    Decisions..... Currently I am taking a week off which is allowing me to focus on my school work with research papers coming up and allowing my cns to recover. Lately I have been training in a split with heavy volume. Monday- Chest and Arms Tuesday- Shoulders and Back Wed-off Thursday-Legs...
  4. theweapon

    what type of insulin to use with HGH

    a buddy gave me 3 100IU vials of 70/30 insulin called NovoLog Mix 70/30, he says thats the type i should use with a HGH stack, if not i can get 100% pure insulin, what should i do?? also if you need to know the exact ingredients let me know
  5. skid9832004

    Prefered type of rice?

    what is your prefered types of rice......