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  1. Natzo

    Kai Greene Guest Posing Garden State Show

    Kai Greene Guest Posing at the Garden State Show in New Jersey
  2. nigster

    Quincy Taylor Guest Posing at the 2010 NPC Michigan State

    ...and looking like a garbage. Big Quincy Taylor Guest Posing at the 2010 NPC Michigan State! What do you guys think?
  3. tkD

    Silvio Samuel guest posing - AZ State Bodybuilding 2009

    july 18
  4. tkD

    Phil Heath guestposing in Colorado State Bodybuilding

    July 18th PzbHo3UHUzQ
  5. tkD

    Evan Centopani guest posing - Montanari Bros. Connecticut State Champ. 2009

  6. Chesticles

    Brooke Hogan To Wrestle Reid Flair At The Florida State Fair

    Source: TampaBay.com :doh:
  7. Ironslave

    Unholy state (game)

    http://unholystate.com/register.php?REF=1950 Pretty addicting game, I've been playing for the past few days. You make a character, buy a house, commit crimes, sell drugs, bang prostitutes, go to the gym to improve strength, and so on (sound's like a day in the life of Robcardu, I know). It's...
  8. COACH


  9. Ryan.C

    What mental state do you best perform

    I have been experimenting in the gym to increase performance and I was shocked to find that I performed better when relaxed as opposed to aggressive and phyched. This is a poll to see which mental state people better perform in.